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Thread: Spongebob makes kids stupid?

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    Default Spongebob makes kids stupid?

    A study published by the medical journal Pediatrics suggests that watching TV shows such as Spongebob at an early age can cause learning problems in young children.

    The study involved three groups of 60 four-year old kids doing three different activities: One group watched Spongebob, the second group watched Caillou (a more "educational" TV show), and the third group watched no TV at all and were given crayons and paper so that they could draw. All of this was over a ten-minute time period.

    After the children did the activities, they were given mental function tests. The group of kids that watched Spongebob did significantly worse on the tests than those who did not watch Spongebob during the time period.

    Full Article: 'Spongebob Squarepants' causes learning problems in 4-year-olds: study

    Anyway, how do you feel about this study? Do you believe that the study was fair? Would you conduct the study differently? Would you let your young children watch Spongebob at age four? If you watched or did not watch Spongebob when you were four, do you believe it affected you somehow?

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    Considering the nature of the show and how the characters, Im going to have to say yes.

    Of course that might be bias as I think its the stupidest show ever and should be taken off and and never spoken of again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    I think its the stupidest show ever and should be taken off and and never spoken of again.
    I agree. I hated both Spongebob and Caillou as a kid, but I am going to have to say that I hate Spongebob more for this very reason.
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    Well age 4 and below I plan for my kids to watch more of the educational shows just because I'd feel better knowing that they are enjoying something that can be funny and awesome and then be educational at the same time. So I'm not entirely surprise that shows like spongebob doesn't help kids learn anything because it's a show just for entertainment.

    Personally, my future kids won't be watching any kid cartoons unless it's educational or a movie that is appropriate for their age while they're 4 and under. Once they're around maybe 7 or 8 I might be okay with letting them watch stupid stuff like spongebob if that's what floats their boats.

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    I think it's a pretty boring cartoon. It's like Family Guy but for "little" kids. I haven't seen a episode of spongebob where it really hammers out any good morals.

    Of course me and my siblings loved animaniacs which was a good cartoon, plus in the time of hand drawn animation.

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    I think it depends on the seasons and episodes. Anything from Season 1-3 has a lot of "smart" and adult humor in them. The characters got dumbed down some point after that, so I wouldn't be surprised if it "dumbs down" the viewer as well.

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    After reading the article all it says to me is that 'after watching a show meant for kids nearly twice their age they didn't perform well on tests.' The study seemed a bit flawed to me to draw any conclusions. The lack of a control group or a test of their abilities before the study took place really should denounce any of the studies findings. From what I understand about child-raising, which is what I read about on cracked, showing kids educational shows as such a young age really doesn't do a whole lot when compared to actual conversation with real people. I'd let my future kids watch the show, if it was still running, just because it's entertainment. It is not a documentary.

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    Granted that's a news story about the study, and not the study itself, but it seems rather flawed to me.

    What this shows is that after doing several different activities, kids were tested and performed differently in accordance with what they were doing. Conclusion: kids who have been doing something intellectual in the last 10 minutes, do better in an intellectual test immediately afterwards. This is hardly surprising, and something we actually knew already, so the study seem pointless.
    There were no tests to evaluate how long this effect lasted, so drawing any conclusions about long term effects is completely unjustified. And as the kids were shown a program that was not appropriate for their age, even saying watching the cartoon is not intellectually stimulating is probably unjustified.

    What we learn from this: maybe if you do unstimulating things all the time you don't engage your brain, if you do more stimulating things you might perform a bit better in tests of your brain. Now we didn't need 60 kids and a researcher to figure that out did we?


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    I must be STUPID then! Lol. I watched that all the time since I was 13.

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    This "study" is total BS and the media have completely blown it out of proportion. What started off as a vague, inconclusive bit of pseudo-science has turned into "Spongebob causes ADHD". "Spongebob shown to cause learning difficulties". "Spongebob makes kids stupid".
    NOWHERE in this study is it shown that watching Spongebob makes kids stupid, never mind induce a mental illness! I think somebody else said it before me, but how can anybody possibly take this study seriously? The kids weren't tested beforehand, so there is no proof whatsoever that they performed poorly in the tests because they had been watching Spongebob. The results DO NOT give any evidence that kids were any "stupider" after watching Spongebob than before. Where is the control group in this study? To draw any sort of conclusion this test would need to be conducted on at least 100 kids, and even then you're pushing it.

    It makes me angry, and actually kind of scared, that so many people are lapping this up without thinking about it for themselves.
    Then again, it's not the first time Spongebob has been used as a scapegoat. There was the "Spongebob has a pro-homo agenda" story back in 2005, and the "Spongebob has a global warming agenda" thing from a few months back.

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