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    Default Old and new in many ways

    Hi, Im new to the whole DL thing but have been wetting the bed since birth. I've tried the pretty much everything and after several years of have decided that dippers are the way for me. That and the help of medication.

    Some of my interests include web design, flying airplanes, computer and technology, math, and science. To make my life more interesting I've been diagnosed with ADHD, PDD, borderline Aspergers, and a non-verbal learning disorder. Because of all these different problems I've never had a GF and few friends.

    I've decided to join this site in hopes of meeting other DLs and to relieve some stress that is caused by hiding secretes like this.

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    Welcome to the site Rlew. You'll find a number of members like yourself. We have quite a few members with Aspberger's syndrome. Some of us are very socially outgoing and some of us are shy. If you post and join in the discussions on the various threads, you surely will find friends as we get to know you. We also are a very good support site, so if you have a bad day, we're always here to listen.

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    Hi Rlew,
    welcome to Adisc, as Dogboy was saying there is loads of support available here, as I'm sure you'll discover for yourself. That's a really well written Intro by the way. May I ask if you are still at school or are working as you haven't posted an age and there isn't one listed in your profile (yes people do read those ). If you still wet the bed one of the forums you might want to check out is the Incontinence (IC in Adisc language) one, which is a sub forum of Diaper Talk, and I might see you in there. BUt find one or two forums you like the look of and jump right in and enjoy.

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    The reason for the lack of age is that I'm careful of the info that I post on the web. You would have to search many forums to find most info about me.

    But, I'm 16, and have finally accepted that my problem isn't going away for a long time. So last night was the first time in at least 3 years after trying all the other methods.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    so how did it go with the nappy (diaper), any better?

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    The irony is it was the first time in weeks I've been dry. Then again most nights my underwear is just slightly damp.

    Also remember that I'm on meds to help with that and timing is everything. It lasts about 8 hours or so but as a teen I often need more, so there is where most of my problems are.

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    I take a med called detrusitol xl which is a sustained release for 24 hours, but I can still wet myself upto 15 times a day, and yes Iknow what you man about timing,If I can get to the toilet quick enough I can usually go normally

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    I meat the timing of when i take my meds. For example last night i took then at 10:30 for that is about 8 hours before I'm woken up for school. Other than at night I have absolutely no problems, I just don't wake up.

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    Greetings! I enjoy your chat presence and you especially (OK and Bloo) really made me want to get back to greeting (after a lil time away mostly spent in irc.

    I have taken to calling you Arlew as the most reasonable way to pronounce Rlew, hope you dun mind.

    As to gf's it's not quantity or how soon that counts, it's quality, and I have utter faith you deserve the very best and will be happy when she comes along you didn't trifle with throwaways; getting one for the sake of having one leads to disappointment and cynicism. I spent a long time being jealous of all the people who merrily partner-swap and bed-hop, but found when I got the hang of one night stands they were not to my taste. In the long run accepting that one is destined to find happiness in one very good set of arms leads to a happier and more stable life.

    You have lots on offer judging by what I've seen in IRC and by your interests, and I assure you it is great when you find a person who not only goes for you but appreciates you. Sadly they are rare, it is true, and don't often appear early. But they do appear eventually and prove worth the wait.

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