Idk if anybody knows about this or if this has been shared before, but anyway this is how i ordered diapers online completely bypassing the problem of parents or roomate, whatever. If your worryied about a credit card go to any supermarket and i believe banks have them as well, and buy a visa/americanexpress/etc gift cards. Now this only works really if u have a car so anyone 16 n under sorry, unless its within biking/walking distance. Now the best place to order your diapers from are any site that uses Fedex or UPS, the post office doesnt have this feature anymore so sorry. Bambinos uses UPS and ABUniverse uses Fedex, so just order ur diapers and when u go to put in the shipping address, google nearby Fedex Office or a UPS Store and call ahead to see if they have the hold at location feature, if they do you just put there address on the shipping info and pick them up when they get there. This feature has no cost, but they do check ID, so you have to put your real name and such when you go to order. Hope this helps anyone looking to get quality diapers.