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    Hi, Everyone! Im the BubbleBumBaby. I am from Canada, and Im 21.
    I enjoy singing, I am a karaoke enthusiast, and I believe that nonetheless or furthermore is a waste of a word in the english dictionary. I love meeting new people
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    Lovin' the bold text. Right in my face and... bold!

    NONETHELESS... welcome to the forum, BubbleBumBaby! (Sorry, I just could not resist)
    We seem to have a lot of singing ABs and DLs coming in lately... not that I'm complaining!
    Just out of interest, what brings you to ADISC?
    Might I also add, I wouldn't worry about posting your Yahoo address so promptly. I mean sure you'll meet loads of great people here, but I've found that some of the best friendships I've got on ADISC have just taken a bit of time through forum interaction - just posting here and there and eventually befriending many genuinely awesome members on the site. It's all good!
    You can always add your contact details to your profile if anyone wants to contact you though (don't quote me on that... I know it used to do that!!)

    Anyway, hope you have a blast posting with us.
    Hopefully I'll see you around the forums.


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    To furthermore clarify on Dash's point, we do not allow posting contact info on public areas of the forum, such as the intro forum.

    Nonetheless, I bid you welcome and hope you enjoy your stay on ADISC ^^

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    Thanks to both of you...sorry for the mistake

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