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    Hi all
    My mate is about to start uni and will b at refreshers week. She's always had a weak bladder so any laugh or drinking too much would cause her embarrassment and literally it would be pints. She has experience of these accidents all of her life. But her pads don't even help her. Should I suggest to her to try them out for the time she's out partying. What brand etc should she use discreetly. She has been to her gp, done the exercises etc and her gp has just accepted she was born that way (disability) any advice could help

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    I think the best advice would be to "over-engineer" any protection in the first instance - If ordinary pads are not doing the job there is a possibility that pull ups might not cope - especially if increased fluid intake (alcoholic or otherwise) was likely. It would be better to use a fairly discrete diaper and then go back to something lighter if your mate found it wasn't really neccesary. The key thing is to be able to feel confident and not to be worrying in a way that would spoil the very special experience of the first weeks at Uni. As her GP has exhausted usual tests it is sad but neccesary for your friend to accept that she has a problem that can be recognised by employers, Uni's etc. so that if coping with the possibility of leaking promoted any privacy problems it would be perfectly proper (and not demeaning) to let the Uni know as they would be both willing and obliged to help. What I did in a similar situation years ago was to get a pack of nappies, wear one and deliberately wet it so as to "test it's capabilities". This felt a strange thing to do and rather "counter-cultural" but it made sense and I went out the next day to an important conference feeling more relaxed and sure that if the worst happened I would not be embarassed (it did -I wasn't).

    Hope this helps.

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