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Thread: What Impression Can You Do The Best?

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    Default What Impression Can You Do The Best?

    Well, apparently I've been told I do a pretty damn accurate Hank Hill, a pretty good Christopher Walken, and a pretty good Butthead. Any other amateur impressionists have a Voice of Choice? xD

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    I don't really know of any good impersonations I can do though I've been told I sound like Beevis before by more than one person just in day to day speaking.

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    Do you sell propane and propane accessories? :p

    I can make very accurate impersonations from the game Angry Birds. Also, cat noises, it's ironic because I'm allergic. But I'll do it in a crowded room, and it drives people crazy. Usually the one person that hears me gets paranoid and starts asking friends "Did you hear that?" and of course I'll have stopped. So then it makes it look like they are just hearing a darn cat. It's actually very amusing. I freaked out some cheerleaders in geometry once :p

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    I used to do Peter Lorre and Groucho Marx a lot years ago.


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    I can to the guy from Sling Blade, Yoda, and a really mean Gollum. My Gollum freaks people out on how much him I can sound like.

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    So far im only talented in doing togepi's (from pokemon) voice. Also a few adventure time characters x3

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    I can do a really good Stitch impression, I can do accents as well so Steve Irwin is another one I can do.

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    I can do Smeagul and Golem from LOTR, Yoda, Kirby, Ezio Auditore from Assassains creed. I can do American accents, Indian accents, German accents, Spanish accents, Australian accents and Italian accents.

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    can't think of any spoken ones apart from the Frank Spencer i did when i was a kid and it came out perfectly only by accident and got everybody laughing.
    singingly, i could probably do just about anybody. to give idea of the range, i can do from Elvis to Julie London.

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