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Thread: Chavs and diapers

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    Default Chavs and diapers

    Aren't they the BEST?

    My ideal guy would be chavvy style, tracksuits and stuff, and wearing a nice cute diaper.

    Those two images contrast wonderfully ^^

    Anyone else think the same??
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    I wouldn't describe it quite as graphically as you have, but I have to admit there is definitely an interest there for me.

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    Upon seeing the title, I just HAD to look in to this.

    But I think any chav (or NED as we like to call them up here) with a diaper fetish wouldn't come out in any way shape or form, even on a place like ADISC.
    Most neds are far too consumed with self-image that they would more likely supress their diaperism, in hope that the urges would go away... which is why I reckon your chances of finding yourself a chav in diapers is slim to none. I know that's quite stereotypical, but come on!!

    Still, I wish you all the best in that conquest... and if you do find yourself a diapered chav, I wanna know about it!

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    So for those not quite up-to-date on definitions, would you be willing to share with us your idea of a typical "chavs"?

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    It's a british slang term that from what I understand would best be described as a cross between a a hipster/redneck/inner city white kid.

    Chav - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

    Gives a good explanation (I think that's within the rules for this site)

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    Wigger of European Caucasian

    Or Jersey Shore Douche clone with Cockney British accent

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    I like Jersey Shore Douche Clone. Sounds like a Vinny. We have them in the South too. They're hip-hop wanna bees.

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    Put them in a diaper and least they can't wreck any more havoc on society at large, or their local community, other than leaving a leak and stinking up the room.

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    I sometimes wear a hoody but not the tracksuit thing. Just jeans, t-shirt, trainers, hoody and/or jacket. I maybe between jobs but I'm aint no chav blud. Innit.*kmt*

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