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    I have become a member of this forum to hear about others' stories regarding how to live with the fetish.


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    I am writing this together with my girlfriend. I would label myself as a diaper lover, meaning I am only into the diaper side of the fetish and my girlfriend is not. We have been dating for over 18 months and we both want to live together in the near future but we are not sure how to make it work in practice as we do not share the fetish. We have tried to talk it over during the past 6-12 months without reaching any conclusion. We both want to be very understanding, but it is difficult to set the personal boundaries of how it might work in practice.
    Therefore, we are wondering if anyone wants to share their practical experience on the matter? We have red all the gloom and doom stories and since we want to work it out we are interested in hearing some more positive stories of couples' experiences.

    My fetish has always been a part of me, however, it is not the biggest part of my life. I get the desire ones in a while, and a couple of times each month I will use diapers. I know that my fetish can be very imposing on others, and the last thing that I want is for my girlfriend to feel uncomfortable, since that would make me feel bad and uncomfortable with the situation myself. I dont have any specific expectations on how to make it work living together, I just know that I ones in a while will need some time with my fetish.

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    Hi 163003,
    welcome to Adisc, to both of you. Firstly that's a verty good intro and I'm sure people will repsond to it, but in the mean time, how about telling us a bit about yourself. things like your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

    Also both you and your girlfriend might want to check out, which wasa written with just this situation in mind.

    You say you've talked it over and reached no real conclusion. I hope you don't mind but I need to ask some questions, some of which may be personal. You do NOT have to answer any you don't want.

    Firstly I assume you are sexually active, but does this pass over into the nappies? Do you use the diapers for wetting or soiling?, do you get sexually aroused by wearing one and do you masturbate in one, or does it make you feel kid of safe and secure, with little or no sexual turn on?
    Sorry that's the worse of them over with.

    Now, what is it that your girfriend is having difficulty with, Is it the entire wanting to wear a nappy thing? Or is there another reason? Is she totally against you wearing them? if you can talk it oveer again and give us all some ideas of what the problem/s are then I'm sure there will be someone able to offer advice. In the meantime what I can guarantee is plenty of support for both of you. One final thing, your girlfriend might want to think about getting her own account and then if she has questions to raise privately, she can.

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    Hi PCBaby

    Thanks for your quick answer.
    I like the feeling of wearing a diaper, I cannot exactly explain why, since I have liked it as long as I remember. And yes I get aroused by wetting the diaper, so I also masturbate wearing them. I dont feel like a kid, but I makes me secure and safe in some way. So my desire is kind of split between the nice safe/secure feeling and more importantly my sexual attraction to wearing diapers.
    I think we both agree that we have a fantastic sex life, but my rather 'extreme' fetish has made it a bit more difficult to talk about our mutual sexual desires.

    The Girlfriend: Hi PCBaby, thank you for your reply. I do not think I will create my own account as I do not want to raise questions in private, instead I would like to be completely open about my feelings with my boyfriend. I found out about his fetish by "accident" which means that instead of him telling me I found a wet diaper in his bed one night which was quite a chock to me, since I have never really considered diapers to be sexually and as I do not have any fetishes myself. So it has taken some getting use to the thought of my boyfriend having this desire. My difficulty, you could say, with the fetish is that it is not something that I feel like being part of as I only relate diapers to babies/children, which is why using them sexually would be crossing my boundaries. Moreover, I have to say that I am also afraid that watching my boyfriend in action with his fetish, would change the way I perceive him - as a man - and that would make me very sad. Right now I am at a stage where I feel like I want to and can accept him having the fetish and having it to himself - my only fear is that if I do not engage in it at some point (which I cannot see my self do) he might seek to live out his fantasy with other people. - if anyone has some thoughts/experience about this, it will be much appreciated!
    I would really like to move in with him, as he also mentioned we have a great relationship and a great sex life together, but I guess that we have to agree on how our everyday-life is going to work in practice with him having the fetish. If anyone has experience on how to do this in a relationship with only one having a fetish it would be great!

    Thank you!

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    I have been in acouple of relationships where my partner wasn't at all into, although I've nevr been one to use for sexual raesons. I can understand what you say about seeing him as a man and that is a very common feeling for partners in you position. I can also understyand the shock of finding a wet nappy in the bed and if you're honest also the feeling of betrayal or mistrust, which your boyfriend will have to regain. there are various strategies for coping with this. the best one is you become actively involved inhis fetish, but from what you are saying, I can fully understand you don't want to, the next stratehy is where you accept his need for his fetish and set boundaries. Unless you reject him and his fetish outright he is very unlikely to want to look elsewhere for his 'fix', the key I think for you is going to be setting boundaries.

    You already say you think you could accept him and the fetish and tha is very good and very brave of you, the other thing I should mention is that his love of nappies has NOTHING to do with children, he would never harm a child or even think of it, this is soemthing completely different.
    You both need to talk about the boundaries as you both need to agree to them and keep them.. this is very much like a contract based 100% on trust 163003, if you agree to what your girfriend asks and then braek that contract, you will probably lose her, don't do it, she's already had one shock and probably isn't as trusting of you as she was. so don't blow it.
    I suggest that you consider something along the lines of. No nappies when you are together inthe house. Definaterly no nappies when you are in bed together an no asking for one "just this once". I don't know w aht you personal schedules are like, but if there is a time when 16 is alone at home perhaps once or twice or however many times you agree, then that is the time he can indulge his fantasy. If that measn you have to go out for a coffee and to do some shopping then that is one of the stipulations to this 'contract' that you will need to obey. Nappies are to be kept out of sight and ideally in an area where you wouldn't look or go, so if you do the laundry, he couldn't keep them with his underclothes or shirts. 16 when you do use a nappy, you dispose of it outside the apartment as soon as you are finished with it. If for whatever reason you have stained the bed, you change the sheets. You may find after a while that some of these rules could be slackened, changed or erased, but for now, sit down and talk about sensible, liveable rules, this will mean give and take on both sides. but 16 if I were you, I would do most of the giving, you obvioaulsy have a wonderful, patient loving and understanding girlfriend, don't push her away. If you guys ever want to pm me and ask anything then please feel free to.

    Goodnight anad good luck( and I'll still be here tomorrow but it's supper time for me so I'm logging)
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    Hi PCBaby.
    Thank you for your kind and helpful advice and for sharing some of your own experiences, it is much appreciated. We will try and repost our story in one of the other forums to hopefully hear more peoples' experiences.

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    My pleasure, I really hope you guys can work things out.

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