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Thread: Walgreens 1.5 sale through Sep 24

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    Default Walgreens 1.5 sale through Sep 24

    For those of us needing to procure our padding at the drugstore, Walgreens is doing a buy one get second one half off sale on all Walgreens brand products, which would include their Certainty briefs (pretty much same as Depends...)

    2 weeks left on this promo, though, so stock up while you can.

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    I was actually just about to post about this. 80 diapers for like 28 bucks, that's quite the deal.

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    WOW! I think I'm gonna head over there today and pick me up some! Thanks for posting that WBDaddy!! I had no idea of the sale!

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    I took advantage of this deal a couple weeks ago and bought a couple packs of their store brand goodnites.

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    Back from the store, and am 2 packages of diapers ahead of where I was a couple hours ago. Although I prefer the XL size, I didn't get at many as 80, but 56 for $30 will be just fine. Add the to my existing supply and it is now up to a mere 77 diapers in the closet in 2 plastic totes. That will keep me supplied for a good while. I think my next purchase will be an online purchase for my favorite diaper,,,, an Abena. But for now I am stocked up enough to be happy.

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    Thanks for the tip. I only work part-time right now as a student, so my bank account doesn't grow much!

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    In the weekly Walgreens flyer there is also a coupon for Depends Briefs and Adult Underwear (pull ups) for $10.99. Not a bad deal when they are normally priced around $14.99. If you didn't get or don't receive the Sunday paper the flyer's are located in front of the store where you walk in. I using the Depends Briefs inside my cloth diapers as a filler and they can really swell up too!!!!

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    Really strange thing- this morning when I got to work, someone at work had put in my "In" box two samples of Simply Right pull-ups and a page of coupons for Depends. On occasion I will put on a diaper in a secluded bathroom as I am leaving for the day but I never wear at work so I don't really think anyone could possibly know. I am the manager of 45 people, and some of my staff area always pulliing pranks, so I am thinking it is just a harmless prank. But it does make me wonder...

    Anyway, I never use pull-ups and these look pretty weak, but I do think I will try one as a liner inside my diaper.

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    Thank you for the reminder! I have taken a liking to tge Certainty brand and wasnt sure if the sale was going on still :-)

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    -update on the Walgreens Sleep Pants-

    I properly tested one out last night and I am pleased to say they held up to the test! I was able to get two decent sized wettings with the back of the diaper still dry for the most part. I would seriously recommend these to anyone who likes Goodnites. They are all white and a little more puffier. They do have a boys and a girls pack , so I bought one of each pack, I see no difference in cut or fit. If I had the money to buy more I would be taking advantage of this sale

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