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    K, I just finished off my copy of Rocky IV which happens to be one of my favorites of all time- who else is a fan of the Rocky movies and series. I mean, I am a fan- I have them all. I've got Rocky through Rocky Balboa. I know these are niche films, but when I was a kid and teenager I used to like watching these with my dad back in the late 80s and early 90s.

    What's your favorite and why? For me, it's Rocky IV because of the Cold War significance, US vs USSR. One thing I am glad about is that it never came to a nuclear confrontation. Plus, it was the first I saw on TV with my dad in '89- not long after we rented all of them on VHS so I could see them with my dad.


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    Until last week i hadn't seen any of the Rocky films, then i took the time to watch Rocky IV and Rocky V
    Both were awesome, so i intend to watch the rest sometime soon!
    Out of IV and V i liked Rocky V better, The storyline seemed a bit better in general.

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    yep, i got the full set, too

    the first one i ever saw was Rocky 3, which we got thrown in when we bought our first video (vcr), ye olde Furguson Videostar,

    the shop had offered the choice of Rocky 3 or Annie and as my sister went with my parents to pick up the video.........anyway, i went mental at her and kicked up such a fuss that my dad went back and swapped it for Rocky 3 (who says tantrums don't work, eh?).
    [sometime around 84/85, that lot]

    the next one i saw was Rocky 4 which i watched at the pictures. everybody went to see it at the local cinema which gave a strangeness to the event as i was seeing people outside of school whom i'd only seen in school uniform.
    and the whole place erupted when Rocky started to kick donkey. talk about mass hysteria and mob rule; it was brilliant!

    i didn't get to watch 1 and 2 until fairly recently, when i bought them on dvd.
    i ripped and edited the two main theme tunes for use as ringtones.

    after years of "YO, ADRIAN!!", you'd think i'd hate the series.

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    I love the Rocky movies! I even named my first dog "Rocky" since I got him right after I was first shown the Rocky movies.

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    If you have not seen it yet, go see Warrior, I would say it rivals Rocky. The story is amazing and the fighting is very realistic.

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