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    I'm not 100% sure if this question's been asked here before. I did a search and didn't seem to come up with much. If I'm wrong, please let me know. Anyway, I was recently reading the List of Footie Stores thread a short while ago and saw that Coolrocket's list included I had a look there and lthought their stuff was, of course, expensive. But, I liked what I saw especially their offerings for overalls. What I like about them are the straps.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I know this is a girls' pair and I'm a boy but the way the straps have been done are almost exactly as they would show up on a pair of kids' overalls. Higher, a bit wider and...closer together? I think? I'm sure that an adult pair of overalls with a cute applique would get a decent childlike effect but I've had trouble finding a pair that would fit me where the straps are like the ones in the picture you see.

    So what I want to ask is does anyone know of any shop/webstore/eBay seller that might have what I'm looking for but without breaking the bank? I'd like to get that effect with the straps on a pair of denim overalls. What exactly has to be done differently sewing-wise to get that look if I were to venture trying to modify a pair of adult sized overalls myself?

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    As for price not sure, but I have a pair of denim overalls from and they are very good + cute.

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    Cute indeed. They have some nice stuff and the denim overalls they offer are pretty close to what I'm trying to do but, if it would help for me to be more specific, I like to roleplay more as a six-year-old than a toddler. Thanks for the link. =)

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    I'm guessing you mean the way the straps cross over at the back?
    I've seen that type of design on older adult dungarees, so perhaps vintage clothes places might be worth a look? For instance

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    I really like the skirt on those overalls. Anywhere I can find some near exactly like those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockie View Post
    CUTE! Too bad I'm not a girl...
    You don't have to be a girl!

    EDIT: I want them!

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    try Pointer brand. i've been buying from them for years, nice variety of pants and overalls, I've got several pairs of shortalls from em, as well as jeans and the like. I also remember them selling some low back overalls that looked pretty similar. another rarity as well, Made in America(really)

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    Very Special Clothes makes shortalls, but I've never bought any and so I don't know how genuine they may look. I personally would want crotch snaps. Occasionally Big Baby Boutique also makes shortalls with snaps. I have bought a couple of onsies from her, and I do like them. One pair has shorts with snaps.

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    I really like the original oshkosh style railroad engineer striped overalls. Oshkosh stopped making them for adults about 10 years ago but Dickie's still makes them. I'm thinking about ordering some. My grandfather wore those until the day he died.

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