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    Hello all, i am a college student slaving away for a hope of one day having a career. ( If that exists in the future). As for my personality traits, people say I am an outgoing person but I would just say I am nice. I am sure those people are probably just being nice too.

    Obviously I am on this site for information related to diapers. I am very new to this whole thing and taking it in easy strides. Personally that's as in depth as i want to get at this time about said topic. Hope you all understand.

    Out of this site i hope to get a greater knowledge of culture, taboo, and mental processes that surround this Fetish; choice; or life style. What ever you prefer. I know not all people consider it a fetish for them. Don't want to single anyone out.

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    Hey there... looks like you picked a slow night to introduce yourself. Usually you get a reply on the intros page within an hour. We are a pretty welcoming group. But tonight seems slow.

    Anyway... good choice not singling anyone out. We have all kinds here. For some it is a fetish, for others a lifestyle and yet for others, it is just an urge that won't go away. For some it can be sexual, for some it can be just for fun, and yet for others, it is just a way to relax or cope with stress. Adisc is for all of them and for you to (wow! that sounded cheesy).

    Besides this interest, which you already said you did not want to dive into any deeper yet, what else are you into. Because if you spend anytime looking around, you will notice that diapers are not all that this site is about. So we would love to get to know a little more about you.

    Hope you enjoy your time here. See ya around. Welcome to Adisc.

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    Hi Snowpro,
    welcome to Adisc. Does Hawaii have Snow? Seriously a nice intro but not too much info on you. People like to know a little about you before deciding whether to talk to you or not, so why don't you tell us about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies, do you have a girlfriend and if yes does she know you wear nappies? If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are ideas galore in it.

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    Hi Snowpro000!!
    Welcome to the weird and wonderful world that is ADISC.
    The word "weird" probably isn't the word you wanted to hear being new to the whole concept of diapers in this circumstance!
    But ultimately, I'm sure you'll find whatever the answers to whatever questions or queries you have surrounding it. And if you don't... ask
    The great pride of the forum comes from knowing that we're all in the same boat (the ADISC party boat as I see it!), and therefore most of our contributors are happy to share their opinions on the subject to help you work it out and come to terms with it (in whatever way that may be).

    Over and above all that, enjoy posting with us.
    And again, welcome to the ADISC family.


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    Hey Snow,
    Welcome to adisc. You gave a good intro, I think. This is a hard site at first to introduce yourself into, but over time it gets easier to chat. As for me, I believe people are born with an innate goodness intertwined with innate darwinian desire of survival.... hopefully, you are not seeking the latter quite yet. People are definitely kind here at this site. But I admit, this isn't a common fetish, so it is good people also have patience here (usually).
    We are all here to support you. I would encourage starting threads for any questions you have, mainly so you can both explore and also get to know the people here. I was shy at first, myself. Welcome!

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