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    Default Question about diaper free samples

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I saw the free sample thread and I was thinking about getting free samples since I've only used Depends and Goodnites. My only problem is shipping. Are they delivered to my mailbox or my front door? I need to no because I still live with my mom and if they arrive at the front door she will probly see them.

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    It depends on who the sample is from. If it's a single diaper or so it should come in a thick envelope in your mailbox.

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    I recently ordered from several places (as gotten from this forum). The Tina's and Depends come in small discreet packages to your mailbox. If you order from one of the places that allows say 9 samples (where you pay shipping), it will come to your door. I think that may be the key to door front delivery, when you pay the shipping.

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    It also depends on your location, but seeing all your replies our from Americans I doubt it matters.
    BTW Your is asking about samples with no diapers, I am pretty sure however that you meant "free diaper samples".

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