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Thread: The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

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    I thought Avatar was a totally awesome show but I'm concerned about this. I love Aang and Sokka for their foolishness and hope that not too much of that gets removed.

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    This looks really good I loved the Last Airbender! I'm gonna miss Aang and Zuko and all of them though... But I think it's cool that the airbender's seem to be coming back from extinction.

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    Poor fire nation they didn't realize that if you really want to wipe out the avatar you should wipe out the water tribes not the airbenders. This reminds me... I should get back to working on the Sokka costume I gave up on last year.

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    I'm cautiously optimistic. They produced a decent series over the long haul and the setting was well-realized and a good place for more adventures. I'm further encouraged that it's not a prequel (if I never see another prequel, it'll be too soon). As much affection as I had for the original characters, I think it's a better way to go to move on and show us something different. I'll be looking forward to giving it a shot.

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    Seems awesome, sadly won't be able to watch as I do not get the channel anymore that showed Airbender in the first place.

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    I'm optimistic over any sequel to any incarnation of Avatar that doesn't include the words "James Cameron" or "M.Night Shamylan".

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    I think it looks good and Ill enjoy the darker, less joking atmosphere but Im worried as almost all sequals suck.

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    This is a much better way to continue the series than a nonanimated movie. Looking forward to seeing commercials for cereal and legos again!

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    I cant wait for it but i am wondering how did the airbenders come back?

    edit: On an off topic note anyone know where i can download the every part of avatar the last airbender i could watch it over and over again.

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