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Thread: Real or online?

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    Default Real or online?

    i just got another question... =P i was talking with an ab in this days, he told me he got a dad online (in fb), but the he didt wanted to meet him.... its possible to have a virtual relationshi with a dad or a mommy? i mean, it worth it?

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    I think so. I have an online relationship with my brother and sister and it's wonderful.

    Is it the same as meeting in real life? No, there are differences. To be honest, though, I have yet to experience the latter. Hopefully soon ^_^

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    There's nothing wrong with just chatting online and rping ab online. i have a friend who lives in ohio who rps with me for various stuff even adult baby stuff

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    There is nothing like having someone take care of you in person! So never stop searching and settle for just an online relaionship!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficerBaby View Post
    There is nothing like having someone take care of you in person! So never stop searching and settle for just an online relaionship!
    I agree with a point.

    Personally, I know I could NEVER call someone my Mommy or Daddy or whatever if there was no chance of us being together IRL. I just...couldn't do it. And I do agree that one should not 'settle' when they're seeking a caretaker (compromise is something else).

    On the other hand, I also know firsthand that online relationships can be just as real emotionally as RL ones, sometimes more so. I think you have to figure out what kind of person you are; one who would prefer to make an IRL relationship and then introduce them to ABDL, deepening the relationship as you go; or one who would prefer to have an online relationship where you could create a deep and meaningful ABDL relationship before you ever see each other IRL.

    Also, some people PREFER having a strictly online caretaker. Maybe they have a really busy life, maybe they want to keep this a very small part of them. Maybe it's nice to see their 'parent' as an omniscient, omnipresent entity that's watching over and taking care of them, rather than the reality of a fleshy, actual person with faults and weaknesses who can't always cope with a 'baby'. Maybe they have the perfect person, and nobody else would do for them...but they can't meet in person for a long time yet. There are many reasons to have a purely online relationship; 'settling' is only one of them.

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    =) how can i have a interesting online relationship? i mean wat can i do in a online relationship to feel like an real ab? and my mommy to be happy too?

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    I cant really gather too much about someones personality from chatting online,
    whilst it is fun to RP and chat online, id much rather meet someone in person.

    I guess i prefer to talk to someone face to face, rather than over the internet, that way i know there is no undivided attention and you get to understand someones character better/faster.
    That being said, i wouldnt meet with people personally if i had never chatted to them online so i guess its almost catch 22.

    To answer your question - if you want to feel more Ab online then you need to have more frequent conversations/RP with people, they then get to understand your AB side and what AB related things you like/dislike. Bear in mind though people arnt going to be able to reach out of the computer and give you any huggles! so dont expect too much!

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    Right now my relationship with my caretaker is entirely online. That's going to change, sometime next year, but it works out pretty well now. I mean, there's not really much we can do - she checks my diaper when I wake up, tells me if I can change or not, but not much more than that. She is still learning how to be a "babysitter" .

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    Theres nothing to do in an online relationship?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danterenos View Post
    Theres nothing to do in an online relationship?
    Why not? I do think you can get aroused by online stuff, by writing, and by seeing the other person on webcam? Plus all these porn streams online or, like, the live cam stuff, that's all happening without the "real things" as well. Plus, online roleplay is a lot less risky. Online stuff is rather living your fantasies to some extent, but the fantasies becoming reality is yet another huge step methinks. Personally, however, I have been looking for someone to experience it with first online but definitely in real life later!

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