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    I respect anything anybody puts on here. You don't have to release all details if you don't want to.

    Where were you at on 9/11. What were you doing?

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    Well at the time I was about 5 years old so I don't remember exactly what was going on but I do remember watching stuff about it on the news.

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    I was actually sitting in history class listening to my teacher when a student walked into the room and made the announcement that the towers had been hit. We immediately switched the TV on and began watching the news.

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    i remember i was in my school, in 2 grade... i arrived home, and my sister was telling my mom what has happened...

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    I was sitting in my office at work. I heard a coworker in the hall mention that a plane had crashed into one of the WTC towers. In hindsight, the manner in which he said it conveyed that he didn't really grasp the magnitude of the situation. As a result, I casually pulled up expecting to see the tail of some Cessna sticking out of a window on the tower or something. Obviously, what I saw was far more horrifying. I continued to watch the newscast on as the second plane hit and, well, needless to say, not a lot of work got done in my office that day!


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    I was taking several classes at the local community college, retraining for a new job. I glanced at the big screen tv in the student lounge as I was walking to class, only to see a news feed showing the plane crashed into the first tower. I was stunned at the tragedy, only to be really shocked when the second one hit. I knew then, as did everyone, that the first one was no accident. As Tom Brokaw said, "We are at war." An entire college was quiet and sullen. I remember crying for all the lost innocent ones. It still moves me, and I can't watch the news footage which they now show since it is the 10th anniversary.

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    I was still living in Ohio then, and was going through some hands-on fire fighting training for the company I worked for as security. Some of the guys in the training class were screwing around and joking with each other. I remember the instructor getting irritated and saying "You guys may not take this training serious, but it can save lives. How would you like to be one of those guys in New York fighting the fires in the World Trade Center.?" Someone was like,, "it's on fire?" and the Instructor was like "Yea, a plane crashed in to it." At that point the screwball of the training class straightened up. Then a few minutes later someone from security management came into the room and dismissed the training program. They told us to go home and watch the news. They said that they got word that the country may be CURRENTLY under attack. I was like,, holy crap!

    I lived 45 minutes from where I was doing this training and so I drove to a friend's house who was only 10 minutes away. I knocked on his door and told him what was going on. He didn't believe me, so we went into his living room and that was about when the first tower came down. Then of course we started to hear news about the pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania.

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    I was sitting in class (dont remember the type of class) half asleep due to the morning and then the intercom went off telling us to switch the tv on.

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    I was in my 6th grade class. My teacher walked in and told us that 2 planes had crashed into the World Trade Center. He told us keep calm and try not to talk about it for the rest of the school day. It was only when I got home did I get to see the horrible disaster on CNN.

    The strange things is, my teacher thought us about the Twin Towers only a week before the attacks happened. That was the first time I've ever heard of the towers. Pretty weird, eh?

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    I was completely oblivious to the happenings on 9/11, at least I think so, maybe my parents thought that would be better that I didn't know (I can see reasons for this specific to my situation). Maybe I'll ask them...

    My science teacher told us about the day the towers were hit, what she was doing and how she handled it. She got stopped at a checkpoint and searched for explosives, since the school she was teaching at was 15 minutes from a military base. They had to evacuate the town, meaning the kids from the school too. A lot of the kids parents worked at the base so were called into service, meaning she had to herd a bunch of crying 4th graders onto a bus while trying not to cry herself. It was an interesting story...

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