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    Ok, lets see. I probably wouldn't be writing on this thread but this site makes you which is actually a good thing to do even though I'm embarrassed writing this post. I haven't accepted everything myself yet and I'm extremely shy when it comes to this subject but when I'm "normal" I'm completely the opposite.

    How I got into everything lets see. I always had the weird desire to want to be little from a REALLY young age, 10 or something. It was more focused around wanting to wear d things, the crinkle noise and the feel (sorry i cant say the word it makes me get embarssed to this day =x) It was more of curiosity then anything. Curiosity ended up getting the best of me and I tried a few little kid things then. I liked the feeling, but was ashamed as I still get now. Older people wearing little kid stuff how retarded and bizarre right?

    I grew older, didn't think much about it. I do remember in school being the popular kid everyone thought was perfect. I would stick up for kids who were being bullied, beat other bullies up but also did my share of teasing people. Always playing games and teasing people in a fun way most of the time. Sometimes I was over the line but you don't realize when you're a kid and I regret a lot of it now. I realize now that it made me feel better. Long as we were making fun of someone else no one knew about my secret thing. I'm horrible and I'm a bad person I know. I'm grown up now and realize how rotten it was an feel horrible about a lot of it so don't bite my head off. I did apologize to some of the people I would mess with, most of them didn't remember and some welcomed the apology. I got a hard lesson in not being judgmental by having this abdl thing. Karma

    When I was 18 moved out, got a bunch of little kid stuff to answer some more curiosity. Then yea you guessed it tossed it all out. I guess the worse part about it is you feel like you're two people sometimes. I want a normal life 99 percent of the time, then that 1 percent of the time I like feeling little. Sometimes I wonder if its part skitzofriena or something (probably not).

    I guess the hardest part about it is its hard for people to accept you for you. I always felt like I was lieing to the people I was in relationships with. They would ask things like whats your fantasy and id make up something normal. Then that would eat at me =\ the kind of serious relationship I wanted to have I could never have because I couldn't come to the truth about myself for myself. So how the heck am I supposed to get the person I was with at the time to understand it and be cool with it. Most people online id meet on imvu or something would freak out, think I liked kids, etc all kinds of creepy stuff. Why would I want the person I love to look at me in the same light you know?

    So never said anything, always felt bad, always wanted to say something to give them 100% of me and not 99 percent + a deep secret lie. The Relationship ended badly anyways and stayed single because I couldn't take lieing to someone like that. I don't think I could ever have the courage to admit it to someone I really cared about fearing rejection or them telling everyone then all the people I ever knew thinking I was a freak. I see the TV shows and things that other normal people see. Some big fat hairy trucker dude dressing like a girl wearing a wig and d things and says hes an adult baby and I just cover my face totally embarrassed that I could be associated with that. Other normal people see that so then if I was to say hey I'm into that, it makes me look like a creep.

    I did meet someone local though on imvu, she pointed me here. Told me to make an account which I felt completely retarded doing. Only did it because shes really cute and really nice. Everyones got a weakness for cute girls right =p I will admit writing this makes me feel better, I never really talked to other people about it. Then I was speaking to her about it she shared so many things like I did about it that I just sat in amazement. Heres another normal person like me, enjoys actually having a normal life (most of the ppl you see think they are in fantasy baby land 247 and cant tell what reality is) lives like 20 minutes from me and enjoys the same things I do. She seems totally accepted with that part of herself which I'm still working on. Maybe she can help me get over a lot of my fears =x Then I read the binge/purge article and it described me to a tee. I thought that was odd other people had the same behaviors too.

    I like being little but I like being a daddy too I can't really say what I like more. They each have their own set of feelings attached to it. I think theres nothing on this earth more adorable then an ab girl who's being all cute thats my fantasy! It makes my heart melt so much =x. Gives me feelings I cant get anywhere else and pulls on strings never pulled before. I think thats why I like doing it too I dont know. sorry for being so long. But thats everything thats brought me here and made me sort of who I am today. Ironically enough I just tossed out all my little kid things (except a few of the outfits I got on ebay) like within a week ago. Got so disgusted with myself =\ I'm going to school to be a doctor and how can I like something so abnormal =[ but Then I met her and it made me feel a lot better like it was ok to be me and normal hot people who have actual lives like I do do it too. I don't know well see what happens =x maybe in a year ill be writing something totally different and meet someone who can bring me out of my shell and help me accept me for me. =p

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    Welcome to Adisc dgirlsrcute.

    Im so glad i read your post just now as im going through the EXACT same thing!

    Your observations and stories and even defending victims and doing a fair bit of teasing is also what i had a hard time dealing with.

    This realization about myself is new too me too and i reckon i paid for it through karma.(Although i use the words Gods wrath being a believer in God).

    I have done months of research on this subject and i have read many posts from others, and i have to tell that this binge and purge cycle of throwing things out will not make things any better.

    You have to accept yourself and when you talk about being normal,

    guess what.....

    There is no such thing,but instead of beating yourself up about this like i was, you could find solace in the fact that with time you will eventually get better at accepting this.

    As a 30 year old noob to this i actually told my wife and she was fine with it but i was so upset with it i ended up not eating and had a spell of manic depression.

    What made my depression worse was actually throwing it out and then realizing that this is apart of me and getting rid of it ultimately meant that i did not accept myself.

    Its only when i spent weeks deep in thought i clicked when it occurred to me that i was feeling better about this without the need to throw out the stash.

    I don't know what kind of person you are and can only say that i am a really sensitive caring yet manly guy that has suffered the worst anxiety my entire life and thought that was normal.

    My family and friends are your typical close minded and old school(with exception to my beautiful wife),judgmental people who would assume the worst of people so let me be the first to say that your 'secret like' is completely normal and you must embrace this and be proud of yourself DOC!

    Enjoy your stay at Adisc,these people are wonderful.


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    well thanks. Yea well see how it goes, seeing things in a different light sort of. Time will tell I guess.

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    Hi dgirlscute,
    Welcome to Adisc and what a great intro. before I go any further, could you send us some info on the non ab side of yourself. Hobbies, interests. Tastes in Books, music and movies, do you work or are you still studying, girfriend, wife. That sort of thing.

    Back to your intro, some of things you describe, like the confusion, the binge/purge cycle will have heads nodding all over Adisc, as most of us have been through it or something close to it. 10 isn't that young to realise you want to be younger, I think I started trying to make my own nappies when I was about 8. You keep mentioning that 99% you ar enormal and then bang that 1% pops it's head up and you have just got to wear a nappy. Well the good news is that you are 100% normal. Wanting to wear baby clothes, wanting to be a baby or at least rtreated like one, ,might not be understood by a lot of people, but it isn't abnormal. So you can actually let yourself now and perhaps even start saying that terrible word. for me it's a little different inso much aas I have a form of urinary incontinence (IC in adisc shorthand) and have to wear some form of protection 24/7, but that's not why I'm an AB.

    Relationships can be difficult. Obviously my late wife knew before we were engaged that I had an IC problem (eaasier to tell her (although excruciatingly embarrassing) than her to find out by waking up in a wet bed), It wasn't until after we were married that I was brave enough to tell her about my AB side, fortunately she accepted it and I'm gald to say I was one of the lucky as she also took an active mummy role when she could. But when you tell some one, how you tell some some are decisions that only you can make, although the members will offer advice and all the support they can. My advice would be, once you are sure it's a serious relationship is the time to think about telling. When you do tell someone be prepared for anything from total rejection and losing the relationship, to total acceptance and best possible outcome, not only total acceptance but able to play and active role, so in your case they would probably be the mummy to your baby, as unless you meet someone who is already into infantilism, they are unlikely to become your little girl.

    Mummies, daddies and other caregivers. I think that becoming a care giver of any type mummy, daddy big sister/brother, aunty, uncle, babysitter whatever the role is, is partly a continuation of the AB side of our personalities. We know what it feels like to want that affection and caring and loving and if the right person comes along you can find yourself wanting to be their daddy, to accept their need to be a baby and to react to that as an adult of some description, and to give them the care, the love, the nurturing and the security that you know they need and desire. Not all ab's are the same, some will want some form of sexual play, some won't, the same with bondage and discipline.

    Let's assume for the moment that you are my daddy (you wouldn't be as I personally have a problem with daddies), and that I'm your 2 year old baby boy. What I would expect from you is, unconditional love, caring and nurturing. So I would expect the following things and a lot more as well. dressing, undressing, feeding, (from plate or bowl and sippy cups, but also warm milk from a bottle)dummies, my teddy bear would have to be involved especially at nap times and bedtimes and when I'm upset. Bathing washing, nap and bed times, play times, story times, cuddles, hugs, ( i'm a fairly shy and easily frightened baby, so touch is important to me) nappy changes ( wet ones only with me) some babies like to have messy nappies so as daddy you need to decide if you could handle that side of things and change an adult messy nappy, which is a lot different from changing a real babies messy nappy. In return for all this hard work and giving that you would be doing, you would get in return a happy, healthy baby who would offer unconditional love and adoration, as you would literally be my world. But other babies may want, will want other things.

    But being a daddy is so rewarding. the smile on your little boys or girls face when they wake up from a nap and see you, To take a crying and very upset baby into your arms and comfort them and calm them down is very special. Making a wet and/or messy clean and dry and snug in a fresh nappy, to do silly things like blow raspberries on their tummys while you clean them or play with their toes and make then giggle is wonderful. I know that usually you can't actually sit them on your lap and cuddle them or rock them until they go to sleep or give them a bottle, but you can get close to it with a little imagination and some extra pillows and a blanket. I'm getting all maternal.

    Anyway that's it, I'm usually around if you have questions. welcome again.

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    Thanks, ill type up more non ab related stuff when I get some time maybe later today or soon see ya thanks again.

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