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Thread: New avatar. Keep or not?

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    Default New avatar. Keep or not?

    Just got a friend to take a pic of me on my bike.

    I made it into both an avatar and profile pic.
    My question is, should I use the new one as an avatar or stick to my old one?
    (Black&White Bugs and Taz riding bikes)

    ---------- Post added 12-09-2011 at 23:10 ---------- Previous post was 10-09-2011 at 16:39 ----------

    Hmm, 21 views and not even *one* opinion?

    Ahh, well, never mind me then, I will stick with my original one then...

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    didnt have a chance to see it and the people looking could have been lurkers? maybe leave it for tonight for some replys

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    I didn't see it. Leave this open a bit longer... :-)

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    To be honest, I couldn't really remember what your original avatar looked like . I'm pretty bad at remembering names, so when someone changes their avatar, it takes me a while before I can recall who the person is.

    Anyway, I thought your new avatar looked pretty nice. I think it suited you well based on your current one. Either one works for me, really.

    EDIT: Just an after thought. Maybe next time it would be a good idea to post a picture of your old avatar in the thread?
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    i like this one but i never saw the old one, BigBlueBear is right post up a pic of the other one

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    Well the new picture is the same one is that I have as a profile picture.
    Just click on me to see it.

    Thanks for your answers so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfy View Post
    very nice. what is it? an ER6?
    It's a Versys, the cousin to ER6.

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