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Thread: Incon nerve regeneration?

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    Default Incon nerve regeneration?

    Thought I'd throw this out there because we haven't found an answer yet here.
    For a couple weeks now I have been noticing a constant 'pulsing' around the (edit) "center" more like around the urethra) in the center/middle of the shaft. It is just strong enough for me to feel it and it feels like there's a 'trickle' coming out from the middle (for lack of better description). It is like a 1.5 second buzz, then fades down for a sec then back up. It's been pretty constant. When laying down and pressure from the diaper is increased it feels strong enough to be like a 'real touch'.

    Now here's the other variables. I have some sensory such as pressure/touch but I have nerve damage so feeling when I go is very faint. The majority of damage is around the bladder itself.

    The 2 biggie questions - could it be a sign of nerve regeneration or perhaps other nerves (since there is sensation that area also) degenerating? We are making an appointment soon so hopefully I'll have a better answer. In the meantime I thought I'd see if there was some good input here or ideas that I can bring up to the doc?
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    I don't think that you should rely on anything other than information following your appointment - there are all sorts of inconsistencies in the way we experience feeling especially after the kind of damage you mention. I had a similar sensation when suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection - and before it really "got hold" and made itself fully known - so I hope that is not the cause in your case!

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    I appreciate the reply. I wasn't looking to 'rely' so much on info from here but more to get opinions and/or see if anyone else had experienced the same thing before much like your example The UTI possibility might be an option because I get them often. I just haven't had this feeling before.

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    there is a chance, but.... nerves do grow, but very slowly, often it depends upon the circumstances. individual nerves have a chance of growing back together at the rate of about a 50th of an inch a year when severed, I've had some severe burns on some of my fingers from my teenage days, it took a good 10 years to get the feeling back in them properly.

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    Wow, 10 years huh? Well if they are actually regenerating that would be sweet as hell! I just wish they were doin it more on the bladder side because I didn't have too much problem where it's being active now. If I knew it would work I'd hook up a car battery to "jump start" the process lol. ** Seriously tho, I have been trying to find out more info from every possible resource and while nerves can regenerate the odds are pointing to the 'other side' Just trying to keep positive about it.

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    I dont know if they can regenerate to the point that you can regain control... I been IC for 4-5 years and Ive not had the slightest improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathryn View Post
    I dont know if they can regenerate to the point that you can regain control... I been IC for 4-5 years and Ive not had the slightest improvement.
    Ya, the more we have been looking into it, it seems like they are 'spazzing out' and possibly deteriorating. Sorta like the tingle you get when your foot or hand falls asleep before blood rushes back to it. I read that if circulation was cut off for a long time it could cause nerve damage - but you would still have that feeling before they fizzled out. I've been gettin a lil more worried since then.

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    hard to tell, when I previously mentioned the 1/50th of an inch per year growth, that involves an otherwise healthy nerve.. and the burns sustained, while 3rd degree were actually fairly tiny, I was holding a wire small wire that had shorted and melted before I realized what happened, leaving small 1/16th inch wide line scars across 5 fingers (3 on one hand two on the other) the scars are still there after 22 years but it took 10 before those patches of skin had much feeling. oh well.. as far as nerve damage in the bladder, truth be told, i dunno, probably depends on individual circumstances

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