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Thread: Tell us your worst home chore!

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    Default Tell us your worst home chore!

    For example, I HATE mowing the lawn!

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    ^^ I don't have any. I do things around the house by choice. Don't really hate any of them. Just get on and do what I feel like.

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    I don't mind what I'm asked to do.

    I get paid for it, and it's a small contribution I can make for the family that feeds, shelters and loves me.

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    When I lived at home.. we used a wood stove during the winter to take the edge off the electric bill.

    I hated just about every chore around it.

    I hated having to stack the wood in the summer (a truck would delivery it and dump it in a big pile in our yard.. and it would need to be stacked properly). We used to keep a few weeks worth in the house to dry .. and this would need to be topped up every week during the winter. In the summer, the chimney had to be cleaned ... making kindling was kind of a pain as well.

    It was like the first thing I told my agent when I was looking for my house .. absolutely no wood stove as a primary heat source (this has made a comeback around here.. it's actually a selling feature on a lot of homes.. and I wanted no part of it!).

    Least favorite chore now.. probably general cleaning. I generally keep things orderly.. but I'm not so good about dust and grime.. so it kinda builds up to the point where it's a major job to get everything clean again.

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    I hate bush trimming. I have a lot of them and recently, I've paid others to trim them. It's not the trimming but having to cut it into smaller pieces, haul it out to the curb, aline them for the trash so that they will take it. All this gets done in the heat and humidity of the summer. Ugh!

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    I love doing anything with chores. I enjoy cleaning. I find it both therapeutic and relaxing. I put on some good tunes, grab what I need, and go to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlejustin View Post
    For example, I HATE mowing the lawn!
    Now, at my age I enjoy mowing ours, and using a gas push mower and not a rider. It's the most exercise I tend to have a chance to get with my office work schedule.

    Back when my wife and I were first married, we didn't have a dish washer. I helped with washing the dishes by hand, but it definitely was not my favorite chore. Probably house painting would qualify as my worst home chore today, especially the exterior and having to climb up and down an extension ladder.


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    I don't like doing laundry because my apartment has a pay machines. It's not the paying part that I hate - it's finding the exact coins needed to start the machine.

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    I dont have a set list of things that need to get done
    (mind you ive just moved out so things are starting to change)
    Im not too fussed about doing stuff though - id rather get it done and live in a place thats nice and clean!

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    Cleaning up after my parent after getting back from a Christmas or new years party. But I shouldn't mind it to much since they cleaned up after both me and my lil bro for many years.

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