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Thread: Wasting Diapers?

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    Default Wasting Diapers?

    Well I hate it when I feel as though I didn't make the most out of my diaper. Every now and then I'll be padded and have to go do something else and if I dont have resealable diapers then I feel like taking it off is a bit of a waste. This also becomes a problem when it's late at night and I maybe didn't wet it as much as it could hold but I need a shower and dont wanna wear a wet one to bed after getting all cleaned.

    Sorry I know it's kind of a rant but does anybody else feel this way?

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    ...or when I wake up in the morning, have to take off the diaper to do some unpadded activities (e.g. going to work) but I notice that I've worn something too thick that is not halfway wet yet. I know that feeling, and I hate it too.

    A diaper shouldn't come off until it's (nearly) leaking. At least IMO.

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    Unless you're incontinent and wearing because you NEED to wear diapers, you aren't even wasting them. If you're AB/TB/DL/whatever, you're wearing because you like to. It's stress relieving, etc, whatever the reason. So, mission accomplished, even if the diaper isn't soaked when you change.

    And at some point, even if you're incontinent, you can't just leave a diaper on meant for nighttime use (like the kind I wear) just because it's not soaked yet. There are hygienic concerns as well.

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    Draugr makes good points - but it is frustrating to feel you have wasted a diaper - one way round is to have either one brand you wear all the time which can cope with both day and night output - I do this most of the time and it means that the number of only slightly wet wasted ones is reduced because I am not replacing a daytime one with a nighttime one and vice versa. Or save the expensive high absorbancy ones for bedtime and wear cheapo thin ones in the day if you are going to be around the house or otherwise not away from bathrooms for very long.

    This is written from the perspective of someone who has to wear protection - but it would probably work for others as well.

    Tempting as it may be re-wearing a used diaper is risky because of bacterial growth - even if it looks passable the infection risk is increased.

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    I do find it a bit irksome but it doesn't happen to me very often since I keep a variety of diapers on-hand and I pick the capacity that will suit how long I expect to be wearing and what I will be doing.

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    I prefer to wear the thing as long as I can, using it as much as possible.

    It's a shame when you have to remove it before it's used up.

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    I agree with others in that I try to have several verities on hand and wear what fits the expected time frame. Of course this will require "testing" capacities under various scenarios (day vs. night, ease of re-taping should the unexpected door bell ring, etc.) If I know I am off and free to wear into the next morning, I will use a premium brand that I know will hold the most and maybe even shower earlier in the evening so I can get a good soaking in before bedtime. Then I have a much better chance of utilizing its full capacity. For those short nights or day adventures, I will usually go with a lesser brand and just go with the flow (no pun intended).

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    That's why I don't buy premium diapers like Abena X-Plus, it's just too much diaper that I end up wasting if I only want to wear for an hour.

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    Or as I occasionaly do fold up the partly used diaper in a thick towel to keep it warm and go out & do whatever calls you away then put it back on and finish using it up. The longest I let one sit and reuse it was over an 8hr work shift. Usually I do it to go out for breakfast then put it back on an hour later to finish it off. I know it sounds gross but it is my own pee and a diaper like Abena M-4 locks up it so well there is no smell. Of course I,ve never done this with a messy diaper.

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    Yeah I usually dont have to "waste" diapers but I hated the few times I did, especially because I dont have the money to buy frequently. Most times though my diapers are used to full capacity.

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