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Thread: Haii! :)

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    Red face Haii! :)

    My names Matt (as you may have guessed), I'm 20 years old and in no rush to grow up. :p

    My life revolves around my PC, whether it be video games, instant messaging or just generally browsing the internet. :3
    As you may have guessed from the previous statement I have very little social life but thats how I like it, I'm quite shy / nervous in real life so I prefer to keep to myself most of time. I do however have a very loving boyfriend who when we're together does manage to seperate me from my PC. n_n

    As you also may have noticed from my avatar I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. I'm currently reading Deathly Hallows for about the 6th time.

    Well I think that'll do for now, any questions feel free to ask.

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    welcome . i hope you enjoy the site.

    i must admit, though, i'm here under false pretenses: i thought your title said "Hail!" and I was thinking that this was going to be the most epic introduction post ever. Oh well :/

    What kind of games do you play?

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    Aha :')
    Sorry to disappoint. :3

    These are the games I play most frequently:
    Dungeon Keeper
    Theme Hospital
    Age of Empires
    The Lord of the Rings Online
    World of Warcraft
    Forsaken World
    Command & Conquer
    Counter Strike Source (Zombie mod only)
    Garry's Mod
    All the Harry Potter Games
    Gears of War
    The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle Earth
    The Lord of the Rings Conquest
    Star Wars Battlefront
    Star Wars Galaxies

    I'm also really looking forward to the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic & Stronghold 3.

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    Hi Mattie,
    welcome to Adisc and the growing number of UK members. Nice intro, do you have any other hobbies or interests apart from reading silly harry potter books.
    What about your tastes in music and non harry potter films? does your BF support you AB side or does he just let you get on with it?
    Welcome again

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    As I'm trying to make a good impression I'll resist the urge to slap you for the Harry Potter comment.
    But thanks for the warm welcome.

    Hobbies... Thats a hard one. D: Does watching tv count? :')
    I guess you could call Game Design & Web Design a hobby? I do quite a lot of that in & out of work.

    Music, I a have very wide range of tastes.
    The only 'music' I won't listen to is rap.
    I'm a big fan of T.A.T.U, Lady Gaga & Eric Saade.

    You can see my if you'd like to know more.
    You might just wanna ignore the fact I'm the very top listener of the Harry Potter soundtrack & all that Justin Bieber. >.>

    None Harry Potter films? What is this blasphemy? :3
    But erm I like most films.
    A few examples:
    Lord of the Rings
    Star Wars
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    The Island
    Ghost Town
    Hot Fuzz
    Rugrats in Paris
    Happy Feet

    To be totally honest my boyfriend doesn't know. We've not been together long and it just never came up, that and I was only recently reintroduced to my diaper side so I've not really acted upon it that much. If I got seriously involved with it then I'd tell him and I'm 99% sure he'd be okay with, not sure he'd want to join in as much but for lack of a better phrase hes happy aslong as I'm happy. :')
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    Hi Mattie,
    no slapping please, we hardly know each other. thanks for the update. My late wife was really into harry potter, all the books and films, I just couldn't see the point, they left me cold.

    I've just checked out that link you sent. Where are the Beatles, and Buddy holly and the Everleys and Beach boys?

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    I don't even know who half of them are.
    They're perhaps a little too cultured for my taste. :')

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    Probably a little too old for you taste, these babies get everywhere

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    Aha :3
    Theres a few albums in my iTunes library going as far back as 1985-1990 but thats about as far as it goes.

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    Hmm, was thinking more like mid 50's and 60's and 70's. I'm being surrounded by children.

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