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Thread: This rain is enough.

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    Default This rain is enough.

    It's been raining on the east coast for a few days straight now. It's been great except for the part where everything is fucked up. You may remember my post about how I accidentally left the trunk of my car open and it got saturated with water. Well, it doesn't matter anymore, as I managed to drive the car over a guard rail, and flip it upside down into a creek. I'd post pictures (it looks unreal) but I feel like legally I should keep everything to myself since I was rather/extremely drunk when the incident happened... Uggg. My life keeps getting better.

    No I didn't report it to the cops, it was a few minutes down the road from my house so I just walked home. I'm sure they'll show up at my house tomorrow, but at least at that point I'll be sober!

    How's everyone else doing throughout all this?

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    all i could say is dont drink and drive on when it raining. That creek could have had flood water going down it and you might have drowned

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