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Thread: How Fit is Adisc?

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    Default How Fit is Adisc?

    So lets see, how fit is adisc?
    What is your resting heart rate? (yes I know this isnt a perfect test and things can alter it for some reason or another but its a pretty good gage)

    My resting heartrate is 58 BPM

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    Anywhere between 52-66bpm. Idk if thats bad or not, all i know is that it seems like alot :O.

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    anything under 60 is considered to be very fit

    60-80 is healthy,
    so yes your good

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    my heart rate is 72 bpm. i think thats good(i hope)

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    51 bpm, it might have something to do with the 25km of canicross i do every three days

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    90... Though my ADHD meds apparently increase heart rate. That and I smoke way too much >(>.>)<

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