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Thread: Have sucky tapes/diapers? Try this....

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    Default Have sucky tapes/diapers? Try this....

    A few tips from what I've discovered experimenting.

    1) Depend diapers are cheap, and cheap for a reason. They don't hold much and they have crappy tapes.


    2) Grab any overnight most absorbant pad you can find in the adult diaper aisle. I have used Tena and Poise ultimate overnight pads. Both hold very well to multiple wettings. Males place more upfront, females place lower. These make depends absorb 3X more.

    3) Tape the front of your diaper with 3 strands of clear mailing tape. You will be very surprised of how much better your tapes stick and stay put to your diaper. The best part is you can fasten and re-fasten, and the next morning they still pull off the diaper with ease.

    Try it and let me know your results. Yes the price can be as much (with the pad expense) of a better diaper... but for those who can't ship better diapers or factor shipping costs into it, and it's about the same.

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    I've used those Tena overnight pads as boosters with good success. I have to agree, the depend tapes are really terrible because they constantly tear off the plastic backing.

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    Only booster pad I've ever used with a disposable has been Abri-let Max booster pad from XP medical. How do the Tena pads perform compared to an Abri booster?

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    And here I've always relied on my ole trusty 'Duct Tape'!?

    Always good to have options, however! (and no, 'Electrical tape', is WORSE than nothing at all, trust me!).


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    I have used Depends boosters (surprisingly not sold in most stores anymore but can be found on and they have worked very well for their intended purpose with any brand diaper. I never tried the clear packing tape idea but it sounds great. I love plastic backed diapers and they all seem to rip if you try and re-adjust.

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