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Thread: AB Role Playing Scenarios??

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    Default AB Role Playing Scenarios??

    What are some role playing ideas you guys have done or have that I can play with my fiance? Mainly involving her being dominate to me...humiliating..etc..

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    Bad mommy and little who can't control himself, and needs his diapers. [Removed] She made me feel so good about wearing diapers. Kinda miss her now...
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    Feeding is always good. She can miss your face, get it all over and chastise you for being a messy little baby.

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    Well... being made to wear a baby dress and hose might be good. Being wheeled in a pram to a school and letting the schoolchildren laugh at you. (pretend of course)

    Being dressed and your partner inviting friends round for coffee in which they all admire you and treat you as a baby.

    The age olde... being given way way too much to eat an drink with some form of laxative and being told not to mess themselves or else.

    Being made to wear a pair of spreader pants and being forced to crawl like a baby!

    These can be done publicly if you invent some charity thing and pretend the whole stunt is being done for charity. Fetes are kinda good.. no one asks :O)

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    Hi All,
    apparently when I offered to write some scenarios I broke one of the rules which I wasn't aware of. So I'm not going to be able to do that through Adisc and I apologise to anyone it offended.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure this is quite appropriate for ADISC.

    Perhaps you could ask for ideas via PM, but otherwise I think this thread is largely going to lead to content not fit for some our 13+ members.

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    Ladybug those are probably good in a fantasy. But realisticaly I doubt possible for real play. I was going for my ideas/suggestions for real life role play storys or plots

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    Having an accident in your pants and forced to wear diapers

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    I think letting her take pics of you in a diaper and then she can use those as collateral to obey her every command and if not she would send them to the people you know. So all and all this would be real and not just role play so that would bring the excitement to a new level. So you could say pee your pants and then she could determine what degree of punishment you need and you would have to go along with it. So basically it would be more real than a fantasy. But do keep in mind this could result badly in one way or the other.

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