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Thread: Geometry Honors

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    Default Geometry Honors

    Man, I think I made the wrong decision in taking an honors math class. I had literally 4 hours of combine homework and studying tonight.

    It wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't also take AP Human Geography, and the rest of my classes honors. I have just finished my last assignment, and I am fucking exhausted, though if I keep an A or a B in my AP class, I can exempt that class for a month or something along the lines of that. I have AP last hour, so I get out an hour earlier than everyone else! (yay, more time to do my homework!)

    Anyway, does anyone else have or had AP classes? And what did you think about them?

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    I have not, but they (normally) allow you to drop honors courses for regular courses. I take Honors bio, and plan on taking AP Environmental, but thats it.

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    I took as many AP classes as I could in high school (which wasn't that many in my small school). Take those tests, too. I tested out of 10 general ed. college credits with AP tests.

    And if it makes you feel any better, between Tuesday after classes and this morning, I've read well over 200 pages for classes, and I actually blew off five readings for one of my classes because I couldn't see straight anymore.

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    Honors English and the "honors" choir (it's our only audition choir)
    English ain't my fav, but choir is

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    dude, take all the honors you can get. even if you don't do so well in them, it's still weighted upwards and looks GREAT on college applications.

    i'm in ap precalc. our teacher is pretty awesome, too
    also in the band. got to participate in the higher level at the NKU tri-state band symposium last year. (long name for a bunch of band geeks getting together to play music)

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    I took pretty much straight honors and AP classes in high school. I took 9 AP tests and entered university with 40-ish credit hours, plus all that looked phenomenal on my applications in the first place.

    Take all the hard courses you can. It pays off in better scholarships and vastly advantageous amounts of credit on day one. There are significant monetary benefits to doing well now.

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    Yea Im taking a few APs.

    I had geo Honors, never had that much hw tbh, you must have a really bad teacher then.

    Aps are....Well it really depends which ones you get. Im in AP gov and envi sci and well....Those are two easy APs. I hear Human Geo is easy tho too?

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    I'm taking AP Government.

    We don't have honors classes where I live, but we have "Pre-AP" and I'm a year ahead in math and Spanish, and rarely have any homework I don't finish in school, which is nice

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    I was supposed to have Psych AP this year but thanks to my dumbass guidance counselors, that didn't happen.

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    well, I am thinking of switching out of Honors math the first year, though I am weighing my options and consequences

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