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Thread: My bladder is becoming weaker and I'm finding myself wetting more often too...

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    Default My bladder is becoming weaker and I'm finding myself wetting more often too...

    I've been to a doctor about this, but any sort of advice would be of help.

    Anyways, I've been finding myself increasingly going to the toilet (my record is something like 10 times in one day) but my major problem is that more recently the 'urge' to go comes on strongly and suddenly and I often find myself caught out because I'm not near a toilet.

    My other problem is that when I do get the urge to go, I often find myself wetting pretty much as soon as I begin to feel my bladder full. And the amount which I wet is pretty significant too- it's not just a few drops as it normally is, but quite a decent amount.

    Anyone know what I can do to help the situation whilst I'm waiting for a urology appointment? Someone has suggested going to the toilet at regular intervals but this isn't really too convenient, and I've had pull-ups leak.

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    Well, as no one here can give medical advice, the usual suggestions seem to apply.

    1: Try retraining your bladder. If you're a regular diaper user, you may want to stop it for a while until you have regular control. That is if your wetting is linked to constantly wetting yourself on purpose, which would serve as a great cautionary tale to all of the would-be incontinent people on this board.

    When you pee, try flexing your sphincter muscle regularly to strengthen it.

    2: Drink water to keep your urine from being acidic and giving you a rash. Also fruit juices like cranberry juice are good for you in case you have a urinary infection.

    3: The urologist will likely ask you how much caffine and alcohol you drink. Be honest. The end advice from him or her may be to cut back on those things.

    4: Also, be prepared for your first prostate exam. Any issues related to the bladder and bowel usually involves this fun procedure for us men, since those issues can be attributed to prostate isses and/or hemorrhoid. I don't know if urologists generally perform prostate exams, but if the subject comes up, you should be prepared for the moment. It will be uncomfortable but it will also be brief.

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    Maybe you have a UTI or a combination of that and bladder weakness of some kind. When you get a UTI, I believe you pee more than normal to flush out the bacteria. Are you drinking more than normal as well? Are you thirsty-er I mean. One factor could also be diabetes. Not the incontinence itself, but diabetes does increase urine output. It could be a combination of different things, but only the urologist can really tell you. In the meantime, try to look for patterns and work within those. If you find you have difficulty after you eat or something, be preemptive. It doesn't have to be at intervals,. just work within your patterns. Also it may be good to keep a food and drink diary to help see those patterns. Record the times you eat and drink, what you eat and drink, and when you pee accidentally or not...The doctor will probably want to see this anyway. Good luck.

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    Babykats suggstion of recording times you void urine (on purpose or otherwise) is a good one. Your urologist would be impressed if you also gave a indication of how much you pass. This can be tiresome to record but a graduated measuring cup can give you a good idea as can weighing a used diaper - as a "good enough" rule of thumb the weight in grammes equals the volume in cc's.

    Coping with the symptioopms described can be frustratiing - if pull ups are leaking it's worth trying a tape up diaper because it will almost certainly save embarassment -and laundry.

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    Default cobbler's pose

    Babyjess, you must do the cobbler's pose. It's a yoga thing, check it out. I can tell you that YES the 1st time the prostate is examined IS SCARY!

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    Prostate exam can be scary but it is also the luck of the draw - I have had it done by gentle and efficient GP's and surgeons and also by rough and thrusting GPs and Surgeons. Hopefully yours will be one of the better experiences - but it is usually worse in the expectation than the reality.

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