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Thread: gondola seeking smooth sailing

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    Default gondola seeking smooth sailing

    I'm here to smooth out a long time of diaper angst. Started at age 7 and ebbed and flowed now for over 50 years. Thanks for an open forum and open mind. I will share more as my comfort level improves.

    So, after a look around, obviously I need to do a better job in introducing myself. Not really that scary. I am a mid-60 semiretired professional gent. Happily married for 30 years and have a charming grown daughter. My wife and I devide our time between the southeast and the Rocky Mountain West.

    The angst part comes from realizing at about age 7 I really wanted and needed to be diapered just like my little sisters. Occasionally our nanny would actually do this and offer orange juice in a baby bottle. Years pass, magazine adds for the very cool (in the 1950's) StayDry Pants-always on my wish list. Later 'diapering' in multiple white Jockeys, finally old green Depends appeared on the drugstore shelves and I have been mostly happily diapered since. Now I use cloth at night and daytime pullups.

    For years I have enjoyed skiing and sailing. I am really good still at both and can say unequivocally that it's lots more fun if properly diapered. I would rate myself as just a DL, but very committed as now I need protection for the 'little constant drip' of the aging male plumbing.

    As part on my retirement plans, I have begun to work seriously on my watercolor painting technique and gone back to relearn a couple of Satie piano pieces. Just this past weekend I enjoyed a large family reunion at the beach in Florida and spent lots of time tending the gas grille for a group of 20 very cordial folks.

    So what to I expect here-who knows. Mostly just the chance of finding out there may be other folks like me - long in the diaper closet, but basically getting along pretty well with the rest of life.

    Good wishes to all- Gondola

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    Hey Gondola, great intro.
    Skiing is great fun! I went a couple of years ago. My dad got an injury since then that means we couldn't go again, but it was awesome!
    I'd say I'm in the closet, but I'm getting along just fine with life

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    Hi Gondola,
    and welcome to Adisc, there are a few of us wrincklycrinckleys around, so I'm sure you'll find someone to talk to. Nice intro. Do you have any other interests or hobbies, you say you play the piano, any other instruments? and what about favourite sorts of music, books and movies?

    Like you I wear nappies and pants at night, but depending on what I am doing during the day I either wear very large pads ( they go from wasit level, under and up the back to about 2 inches short of waist level ( and they are supplied by the NHS). If I'm staying in the house I use the pads. If I'm going out I wear disposable nappies.

    I suggest you find a couple of the forums that look interesting and jump in and enjoy. Nice talking to you and again, Welcome!

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    Thanks for the encouraging hello. Not to adept at this type of communication but am willing to give this a try. How good to know I am not the only old DL on earth!

    Thanks again and good wishes, Gondola

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    Oh well, being in a closet can be just fine as long as you are OK. My closet has lots of cool toys, old clothes, stacks of kids games and even a few well used soccer balls.

    Ciao for now, Gondola

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