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Thread: Quick question yo.

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    Default Quick question yo.

    Ok, so I'm wondering. Being a Littlefur, Babyfur, and a Diaperfur.

    A) for you is it sexual? Or is it just something to do for fun?or a bit of both?

    B) what's the difference between BF, DF, and LF?

    I ask cus I want to create a fursona, but I don't exactly know what I need (well, wnt really) to know. Any help is appreciated ^-^

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    A) Absolutely not sexual to me in any way.

    B) A "babyfur" RP's as a baby furry, hence the name. About 1-3 years old is the normal range, I'd say.
    A "littlefur" RP's as a toddler to a pre-schooler furry. Somewhere in that age range of 4 and above, I think. Not sure. I've never ran across a littlefur.
    And a "diaperfur" is just someone who is a furry and wears a diaper. It's simple as that. They mainly RP as adults.

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    A: my babyfur side never does anything sexual nor does it make me feel that way. Its only for fun and help me release stress. The diaperfur side of me might be get little sexual if im with another dipaerfur thats feeling the say way but its still mostly just for fun and to get away for everyday annoying things.

    B: ..what setsuya said!
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    A: I'm not sure about the age of my fur, but it is clearly not a sexual thing for me.
    B: .. what Siddy said...

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    Ageplay isn't sexual for me. I'm not sure I'd be entirely comfortable with it being sexual.

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    Keep in mind that everybody is an individual, and no one is defined by the groups they belong to. furries are a top example of this. Personally, I'm not into age play at all, diapers are entirely sexual to me (the feeling of wearing them, the naughtiness, the wetness... I won't go into further detail ).

    Ironically, furries are much more than just an interest to me. My furry self isn't another person-- it's me, as a furry. I would probably like to become a furry should the option ever be available (knowing that it probably never will be). I can see myself as a furry anytime, without feeling like I'm pretending. I just flip a mental switch, and behave as if I'm just a guy with scales and wings (dragon ftw). Diapers are still completely sexual to me as a furry though, making me a diaperfur.

    Again, this is just me, I in no way represent all furries.

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    A) I draw babyfurs because they're adorable. there's nothing sexual about it.

    B) sort of a cross of all three personally >w< just depends on the situation.

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    I keep being furry and diapers separate. Diapers for me are a bit of a sexual thing and a comfort thing, furry is not.

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    A) For me it isn't sexual; I keep the one mindset as far away from the other as possible.

    B) As for the differences, Setsuya nailed it

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