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    I'm 19 yrs old and come from Hungary.

    I registered there becaouse previously I can't accept myself and it was really hard to be a DL. But now I'm OK with help of reading ADISC and other ABDL forums.

    About me: I like mountain biking(downhill) and I play on drums. I like rock, punk and alternative music and i really love The Beatles, John Lennon is my favourite musician/singer. I mate only once with ABDL people but they were sooo much older then me, but i have online DL friends. I want to know DLs near my location and in my age.

    Greetings, Zest.

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    I'm sorry as soon as i saw your name i thought of an older american soap commercial... "You're not fully clean unless you're ZEST-fully clean." I don't know why but that jingle always stuck in my head. But since you probably have not heard that jingle in Hungary, i guess i will just say Welcome to Adisc!

    I know there are lots of DL's here that are around your age, as far as any being near you... I don't know. But i am sure if you hang out around here long enough you are sure to find one. But just an FYI... Adisc is not big on encouraging meetups.

    (Cue Martin's Australia to Norway comment :P)

    I hope you enjoy it here and have fun.

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    Thank you for welcome!

    I chose this nick becaous some weeks ago in a supermarket gave all coca cola with a gift bottle and on my bottle stay that: "add Zest", so becaouse of it chose I this nick

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    Hi Zest,
    Welcome to Adisc, Nice intro, I'm sure you'll find plenty ofpeole with similar interests.

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