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Thread: Aloha to my future friends, acquaintances, etc.

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    Default Aloha to my future friends, acquaintances, etc.

    What's up everyone? I'm a 20 year old gay DL living in northern Virginia, U.S. In my free time I enjoy getting rid of obnoxious yellow welcome banners at the top of web pages. Sometimes this hobby requires me to make a post introducing myself. As luck would have it I'm currently in such a situation, which, I suppose, brings us all up to speed on the status of my night.

    That being said, how has everyone else been doing this fine evening?(afternoon?/morning?) Myself, I went to my computer tech class (I currently enjoy all the benefits of undergoing a community college education), and left an hour early, as I think I'm perfectly capable of authoring Excel workbooks without having to sit through all three hours of today's class. I then proceeded to drink a bunch of my dad's beer (i'm sure he'll be thrilled!), and browse the internet for new ways that I may converse with others who enjoy the use of diapers well past the socially acceptable age. Of course, this site seemed to fit the bill, and so here we are. All in all, it's been a fairly productive day, I'd say, as long as your definition of productivity doesn't involve actually doing useful things.

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    Indeed, this has been a fine day for myself included. My day has been quite full, and I am looking forward to finishing my homework; and going to bed. I agree that a day spent unproductively is a day well spent. As long as you know you could afford to devoted that day to nothingness/awesomeness. Looking forward to hearing you rhetoric around the forums, Welcome to ADISC SubstanceD.

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    This is the first time I actually laughed out loud because of an introduction post. Kudos to you, and welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi SubstanceD,
    welcome to Adisc. Certainly the funniest intro I've seen recently, but a word of warning, removing the yellow banners is bound to draw attention from (whispers) the mods, and belive me you do not want to do that, they make the Borg look like santa claus. However your intro does leave a little bit out, and that is information about you. So how about telling us about things like your hobbies and interests, favourite music, books, movies, do you have a partner, if so do they accept your dl side. things like that. If you need some ideas have a look at as there are loads in that article.

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    Well done, very good intro, I see you enjoy getting rid of annoying yellow banners, me too! Really though, welcome to adisc, I have a feeling you're gonna fit pretty well in here haha

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