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    You might know me from other places, I'm Kathryn from London UK and a freelance photographer who happens to have to wear nappies. Learnt to deal with it and generally like chatting to peopel who know what its like. Cyaaround!

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    welcome Katheryn could you tell us a bit more about yourself? whats your favorite food, favorite TV show, favorite band...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathryn View Post
    You might know me from other places,
    I don't. Kathryn is a pretty popular name and London is a big city. So, you couldn't go wrong with giving us a lot more info like what kinds of things do you photograph? You said freelance, so I take it that means you get paid for your pics.

    Do you work for newspapers, magazines? Do you stalk celebrities, royalty and politicians? (I never considered yoyalty to be the same thing as politicians. Wierd.) Do you have your camera loaded up and ready to go? Are you hip to the digital age, with a tiny pocket camera ready to snapshot the slightest incident in the streets?

    As a photographer I could see where wearing nappies (or diapers as we call them on my side of the pond) is actually an advantage. You can stake out someone's home for hours without having to take a break and miss any potentially incriminating shots.

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    Hi Katheryn
    and welcome to Adisc and the growing number of UK members. I used to be a freelance many, many years ago, but only in small town, nothing like London, and of course it was all film, so if you thought you had something good it was a case of getting touch with local papers asap and either get them to develop and check the film or let you develop it yourself. So it was mainly things like footy matches and local fires and the aftermath of accidents and then flower shows and local fetes all the really boring stuff.

    Anyway enough of me. Have you always been IC or was it something that happened later in life? We do have our own sub forum, it's in the Diaper Talk main forum. As babyDavid said, how about giving us a little more about the person in the nappy, your hobbies anad interestrs, favourite music, books, movies, you've mentioned your career, what about romance? I know it's a lot of questions and seems intrusive, bu people will look at your profile and then your intro and it's the intro that is your chance to grab their attention, if they like what they read the more likely they are to reply to you. finally, find a couple of forums that look interesting and jump in, Hopefully I will see you in a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    I used to be a freelance many, many years ago, but only in small town,
    I wouldn't mind taking my video camera to a certain landmark in Cardiff, however.

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    Ah the ex torchwood HQ, I know where you mean.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome To answer your questions in order:

    Fave food = Marmite on toast, fave TV show = the redone BSG, fave band is Within Temptation. I do club photography and weddings, no papparazzi stuff. Yes, I have been known to take random pic s of anything when the opportunity arrives (expesially squirrels). I became IC after I was hit by a car, was over 4 years ago now. Was a drunk driver. I''m single atm, and happy to be :P

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