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    I've suffered every day because of you. You piss me off, you depress me, and I am not amused. I just wanted to be a VIP, but no, Mighty Moo chose to put a secret requirement without telling anyone. I just don't feel like fighting this dictatorship anymore. Not only that, but a bunch of assholes neg rep me every other day for stupid reasons. I don't have enough reputation and my ratio is not big enough. I hate every one of you, I don't even know half of the users, f*ck you wetdiaper294, and I'm leaving ADISC forever.

    No, seriously, the previous paragraph was partly honest, but I'm only leaving for ten days starting tomorrow, somewhere in Estrie (Quebec). I'm bringing my lappy, but I very highly doubt they have the Internet there.

    If there actually IS a wetdiaper294 on the forums though, f*ck you.

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    Ohh, nice pun, whine-one-one, I like.

    Waaaaambulance, not waaaaambulence, by the way.

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    DarkSunsDS and Prometheus,Thanks for the thread,it made me laugh.

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