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    Default Futurisitc diapers

    Futuristic diapers.....What will the future hold for this fetish.....The final diapered frontier.....XD

    In all seriousness though what do you guys think. Because from what I have seen diapers are going in two directions. Pure discreteness for the actual people that need them for incontinence, and then pure babyish ones for those that enjoy the fetish and want to get the feeling of being a baby (Thickness between the legs, babyish or cute prints, padding throughout, a wetness indicator, etc...) that fit adults.

    So I ask you ADISC, with all your creative glory, no matter what your into (wetting, messing, or just waring diapers) imagine you have a diaper that can do anything. Nano-technology, self-changing, self wetting/messing(?), IDK a diaper with an irrigation system for all I care. You have no limit to what this thing can do using imaginary technology, physics, hell use your fantasy for all I care. But tell me of your perfect futuristic diaper, or just where you think diapers are going in the near future in general. Can they really be improved or changed for the better and how?

    Look forward to your responses.

    Your friendly neighborhood noob BabyLucas.

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    I think nanotechnology will make it to where you don't need to change diapers so often, even when messy. Of course this will be developed for astronauts and will trickle down to the *b/dl community, kind of like how the current generation of astronaut diapers is now. (I've actually used the idea in one of my stories, I still need to get it finished.)

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    I can give you what I think will happen in the future. The diaper will probably disappear. (Gosh, no!) In all honesty, as technology develops, the diaper will probably turn into a filtration system where urine and feces are recycled. Hell, they are doing already on the space station. Diapers make up a decent portion of the landfill, so any way to take care that mess will probably be voted for.

    That said, I like diapers the way they are. If I could change a few things, I would make them a hell of a lot poofier as they are wet, more snug so leaks are a thing of the past, and able to hold their shape (you know the kind: you wet in them and they get all matted and sluff off to one side or in the back, making it impossible for it to look like a diaper anymore, but more like a plastic sheet over your parts with a bulbous backside). Yes, that is what I'd improve first.

    I'd also by Proctor and Gamble and bring back the plastic backed diapers we all know and love as well. For now, though, we are stuck with "Adjustable Underwear" at Walmart.

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    Maybe a diaper that can hold a thousand time it's weight in liquid. Do you imagine the bulk in the end.

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