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Thread: alcoholism/ other addictions

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    Default alcoholism/ other addictions

    hey, my Mom was addicted to heroin for a while (just started getting off of it, clean for a year) and I was just wondering how many other people on the forum have a relative with some sort of addiction (drugs, alcohol, ect.). Anyone else have family members that go through this sort of thing?

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    One of my stepfathers (most recent) had an alcohol problem. When he was fueled by Vodka, he would turn into a really nasty person. Abusive, minor-violence, judgmental and extreme (he basically said everything that people do, or what they are, is wrong and immoral). It became a regular occurrence; when he hit the bottle, mum would ignore him/go to bed and I would escape the abusive comments he kept making by going to my room and playing on my console.

    He was an asshole to the core and I never want to hear from him, see him or have anything to do with him again. It isn't a moment in my life I want to relive! But, the past is the past. I'm just glad he has gone and (touch wood), he wont ever come back!

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    I have a uncle who is a Professor in advance mathematics He would go to the pub/bar drink himself into a stupor wile doing working out formulas to things like particle drives. His better now but last i checked he still hits pretty hard

    I also have a god brother who had just got off Heroin his been clean for 3 months rides a bike a lot nice guy i don't talk to him as he ows me $6,000 that i loaned him 4 years ago

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    My dad is a recovering alcoholic. It was part of the reason Mom left when they split. Let me reprhase that, neither one wanted to give up their addiction but expected the other to do so. Mom started out with pot and moved on to meth, though she swore up and down that she never touched the stuff. (I've seen at least one occasion where she was smoking it.) She says she's clean, but my sister won't let her near her kids because of the guy she married and some of the stuff that was done while she was high.

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    Younger sister of mine just got cleaned up off alcohol and Dilaudid addictions. I guess when my Dad and step-mom finally got the truth out about it (sister is just 20, they were still paying for her to go to college), she had been using up to 16mg of Dilaudid a day. Considering the headaches I get and how severe they are, between 2-4mg of Dilaudid would knock out the absolute worst pain I could think of and leave me in a stupor for two days. For her to be functioning on that much every day is mind-boggling.

    She's been through rehab and will hopefully stay clean.

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    I am working on my soda addiction... I just don't want diabetes.

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    Mine is caffiene, but it's a binge and purge thing. I run out of Monster about the same time I have no money, then I end up going two weeks without. Probably doesn't help my depression any, but it sure does taste good.

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    Before being diagnosed with clinical depression, I was hooked on oxycontin. It was a long and hard rehabilitation, but everything's fine now. I've been clean over a year.

    My father was an alcoholic and has been sober for over 18 years. He still have a demeanor of a drunk though...which sucks. He has a short temper. >_<

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    For two years at college i was addicted to caffeine, you know its become an addiction when it takes you 2 cans of monster/red bull/relentless/[insert product name here] just to feel normal everyday, not even alert, just....awake!
    It didnt help that my money each day went on these drinks and a pack of cigarettes either, its probably one of the reasons i hated college - cos i felt like S*^& everyday!

    Ive not become addicted to anything such as alcohol though, as much as i love to drink i dont do it everyday and certainly could live without it.

    Alcohol is a pretty addicting thing, not so much physically but the culture surrounding it isnt much help,
    my parents find it perfectly acceptable that i frequently go out and get wasted, i guess this just highlights the binge drinking culture we have over here.
    Im not sure however they would have the same perspective if i took 2 tabs of acid on a friday night and stayed in with friends chatting about ego death and spiritualistic stuff even when in comparison the alcohol is probably doing me alot more damage. [I write this purely in a hypothetical sense and dont condone abuse of any substances legal or not!]

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    I have an uncle who's a recovering alcoholic. Very unfortunately, though he's one of my favorite people, his behavior during the peak of his alcohol abuse alienated him from his siblings and made it so that I didn't see him very often.

    A cousin of mine became addicted to painkillers while in medical school. When his addiction was discovered, instead of kicking him out, the school simply enrolled him in a recovery program specifically for medical students suffering from addictions. Apparently, the extreme stress and availability of drugs creates enough student addicts that many medical schools have acknowledged the need to treat and keep the students rather than expel them. Obviously good for him! (He's since finished his MD and is doing very well--as far as I know!)


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