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Thread: How many diapers by night ?

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    Default How many diapers by night ?

    Sometimes, i try to wear two diapers in the same time only one night and i feel quiet and in security.... And about yourself? Do you practise the same action or would you test it?

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    nope i just normally wear the one sometime's i might double up and use two but normally i just wear the one

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    I never, where at night. I'm always afraid to fall back into my bedwetting problem. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

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    well, I've never worn diapers to bed since getting married. But I used to; back then it all hinged on the fact of what type of diapers I had. If I had thinner store bought, I wore up to as many as three (as MikeTheBest15 put it "triple stack"). if I had Abenas, I only wore one with an Abri-let booster pad inside.

    Currently, all I have on hand are Wal-Green Certainty. Those are thinner (compared to Abenas) so I usually triple up on those (to get the nice bulky feel that I like)

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    The few times that I have slept with diapers (I usually have trouble sleeping with them because of my irrational fear of leaking) I have double or even triple stacked to add bulk.

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    For me it really depends (no pun intended ) on what kind of diaper i'm wearing. I've gone doubled up with a bambino before, but usually i will just wear one since its already thick enough. If i have thinner diapers like goodnites or depends, i will almost always go double or triple, just because it feels a lot more comfortable for me.

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    In the days of cloth nappies I can remember being "double diapered" at times when a leak would have bene expecially embarassing for my parents or there was going to be a long time interval between changes. As a adult wearing fairly high capacity diapers for IC reasons i have sometimes used a "doubler" but never resorted to the trick of cutting slits in the back of one nappy and wearing it inside another. I think if I used thin nappies at night i might have to double up - but it seems more sense and more comfortable to use a higher capacity (2000ml+) diaper which copes well with only ever minor leaks (unless I am tired and forget to put it on carefully but that's another story).

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    I just wear one, don't get the point of doubling tbh

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