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    OK I whas thinking about starting my own larping group in my town. for those who don't know larping is Live Action Role Play. I whas wondering if there's any one out Thar that can tall me what I need to do to git stared.

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    Really it depends on the world/system you want to use
    You might consider the Camarilla or One World by Night

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    Thanks I'll tack a look. I think LARPing would be alout of fun. I play DND alot but I think live Action RPing would give my role playing skills a good challenge.

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    I do a bit of larping, but the system we use iss unique as we have a large cave system we use as a dungeon

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    hehehe LARPing.. how cute. with boffers and latex weapons i assume?
    id loveo help but im busy doing historical reenactment fighting. using speciallyblunted replica metal and wood weapons, and fighting in period accurate armour. and gear.

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