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Thread: Ecover softner + cloth prefolds = dream come true

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    Default Ecover softner + cloth prefolds = dream come true

    Early last week, I received two orders of prefold cloth diapers, one from, another from My expectations for the softness of both diapers was perhaps a bit unrealistic, as I was comparing them to my old toddler diapers that had been washed literally hundreds to times. Still, it was hard not to be a little disappointed when, after almost a dozen washes, both the ADC and CTDC diapers still felt a little... tough. Not bad, just not quite soft. I added white vinegar to a couple of the rinse cycles, but this didn't seem to do much (apparently it's mostly about static cling).


    One of the articles I'd read on cloth diaper care had suggested that some organic "green" fabric softners were diaper-safe. In particular, Ecover was recommended. I plugged in "Ecover" and "cloth diapers" into Google, and voila! A ton of hits discussing how great the stuff is for cloth diapers. I figured, what the heck!

    After one wash cycle with the Ecover, ... WOW. Just thinking about how those diapers feel now brings an almost uncontrollable urge to go and pin one on. Ecover is AMAZING. The diapers were literally transformed, and are now closer to the soft, squishiness of my old toddler diapers than I ever imagined they would be. The diaper pins just glide through, even when pinning through the center soaker panel (required when I use the large-sized diapers instead of the mediums). And, as promised by the positive reviews, there was no sign of repelling; all fluid coming in contact with the diapers was immediately absorbed, just as before.

    In short: These diapers, plus the occasional application of Ecover, are looking like a dream come true. If you've been wearing cloth a while and have never done anything to soften your diapers, I strongly recommend giving this stuff a try. I suspect you'll be hooked immediately!


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    you don't mention which version of Ecover you are using, and there are several. The white vinegar, helps bring out some of the stining , but i'ts main use is as a degreser, which removes the traces of build up of washing powder or liquid, and don't forget with nappies, you should use inly about 1/3 or 1/4 of the recommended anount of washing product.

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    Thanks for the suggestion LilLeaker. I am always looking for ways to soften my cloth diapers, especially since I dry them outside on the line (they get kinda stiff on the line). I have diapers from Babykins, ACD and CTDC. Since I wear 24/7 , I am hoping to eventually switch to cloth day and night. For many years, I have been wearing disposables during the day and cloth at night. My routine lately has been a dry diaper pail with a wash every 3 days with baking soda, white vinegar and my eco detergent. Is the Ecover added as extra during the cycle? Is it a liquid?

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    Hi Spaz,
    hopefully the mods won't chop this link as it's to ecover's uk site, I have just bought 6 brand new terry nappies, 1 pre shaped and 5 flat and am using ecover NON Bio concentrated liquid, the NON bio is important, but ecover do make another product which as far as I can see is online order only. the link is Bio-D Nappy Fresh It looks like a complete solution for cloth nappies, so once I have used ther botle of Liquid I have I might get a box and try it. Although I haave just started doing their pre use washes so the bottle probably won't last long. With new cloth/terry nappies it's recommended that each one is washed 6 times to achieve it's maximum absorbency, and I can only get 3 in the machine at once. If you do that you don't have to dry between each wash. The vinegar should be added during the rinse cycle and may help re-soften your nappies. and try not to use any conditioner in the same wash as your nappies as it clogs then up so instead of absorbing wee, it only partially absorbs and then runs off like a cheap, bad disposable.

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    PCBaby: I'm referring to their "normal" fabric softener, which is the pink-lid bottle with "morning fresh" scent, although apparently the "sunny day" variety is safe also.

    Spaz: Yep, it's a liquid that you add to the final rinse cycle, or else to the softner dispenser in your washer.

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    Thanks a lot ... I really will try it, I was using cloth diapers and still searching fot the best softner for my diapers ...
    Thanks again

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    My AdultClothDiaper in gauze seem to be reasonably soft. I bought a birdseye fabric diaper recently from the same company, and i was surprised at how stiff it was. Maybe this will help.

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    Excellent! I hope people will share their experiences. As an experiment, I ran a couple of the softened diapers through a hot wash cycle without any detergent or softener, and they reverted to their prior not-quite-soft feel. And this was after using the full "extra soft" quantity (two capfulls) of Ecover softner on the prior wash. This is telling. The plant-based conditioners in this stuff must be quite water-soluble (urine-soluble), which would tend to explain why repelling is not a problem. It's also a nice insurance policy; you can get your old less-soft diapers back very easily!

    ...but I won't be using that escape hatch again anytime soon!


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    I actually haven tried their fabric softner, I'm just using the non bio concentrated liquid for washing at the moment. just be careful about overdosing with the fabric softtner, if they start to get too hard they will lose absorbency again,m you need then soft and springy, nicer on your important little places as well.

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