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Thread: Depressed :(

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    Default Depressed :(

    Hey, basically i tried to stop all this. Then i got some nappies the other day. I just feel so depressed, thinking how 'weird' this is.

    I was talking to my dad today, when i went to see him, mainly about my new job. He seemed to be so proud, but i know, if he found out about this he would maybe never talk to me again

    I just feel horrible, weird, out off place, strange, and like a freak! Someone please help, i need some advise. I like when wearing the nappies (diapers) but when i think about it, i just feel so horrible inside.

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    It's kinda a normal phase that you go through before you learn to accept this as a part of yourself, I went through that stage when I first got into diapers and the desire to wear was really strong but now I can go months without wearing. Look you are a completely sane person this is an urge that you can't help and it doesn't hurt anyone. And if you can define normal and its not something like someone who doesn't like diapers then maybe you are weird because there is no such thing as normal. We all have our own little kinks and if you can't learn to accept yours than how could someone else?

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    Accept yourself and all will be better , an entire community is there for you to support you through the time of acceptance. You might see it as a weird thing or unknown to most people of your house and town, but take a moment to see it this way:

    You're member of something hardly anyone knows. It's like being a member of a gigantic world wide secret club that shares just one thing alike. We're all different yet we all share one thing in common. That's a brilliant thing we must all acknowledge and accept
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    thanks guys. Just wish i could meet someone who lives near me, actually meet someone the same rather than just forums :P

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    It is fairly strange behavior. Just because it's strange doesn't mean it's wrong, though. Any rightness or wrongness is going to be based on what you do with it or how you allow it to affect you. It doesn't stop you from being a good and productive member of society or a loving person.

    There are people who will not accept this part of you, just as there are other parts of your personality that would cause others to reject you or be attracted to you (it's a stumbling block for more people than say your political preferences, but the principle is the same). Everyone has things they're not comfortable with having others know. It doesn't have to be kinks, it can be past actions, failings, or weaknesses that we think make us unsuitable or not the person we choose to present ourselves as. When you can look at these things in yourself with some sympathy and understanding rather than just revulsion, I think you'll begin to feel better.
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    Well... I hate to say it... but I think the best course of action is a little quiet time for reflection and self-acceptance.

    You can see by the size of the community here that your desires aren't that strange at all. The vast majority of us are "normal" responcible respectable people who lead fairly average lives. We go to school or work... have friends... and generally do as most other people do.

    The fact that we get a good feeling when we wear diapers doesn't make us freaks. If you've ever heard the saying "different strokes for different folks" you'll know what I'm saying. The world is a big place and there is a lot of diversity out there. There are far stranger "kinks" than diapers... trust me. In fact, I encourage you to look up some other fetishes online and read about them... you'll get a bit wider view of the world.

    Other than that... what can I say. You can't deny who and what you are. Beating yourself up about it will only make things worse.

    As a good friend of mine told me... we all have skeletons in the closet. Typically the calmer and more "normal" we appear in public... the stranger things get at home.

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    I mean look at it this way worst case scenario you keep hating yourself create a split personality that looks like Brad Pitt and start making soap and then start a fight club after you blow up your house and move into a shit hole of a house near a paper mill then you start recruiting people for project Mayhem and then blow up several credit buildings and you reset the debt records. I don't know how this will help you I just figured it was so random that it'd put a smile on your face. Plus since when does the movie version of Fight Club not make people smile because of the awesomeness.

    P.S. I was really surprised awesomeness is actually a word.

    P.S.S. Seriously though man we are all here for you and if you ever need to talk to anyone I am always on my aim account

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    No problem by the way is England sweet cause I am thinking about an internship over in London

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