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Thread: Induced bedwetting

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    Lightbulb Induced bedwetting

    It appears that a similar thread has never before been made by a user on ADISC. By writing this topic I'm not asking for tips on how to wet the bed, I fully understand it's not fun when you do, and neither do I advice someone to do it without fully understanding the possible consequences .

    I'd like to discuss some common sense about a few things that I prefer to call induced bed wetting. Induced because a perfectly healthy person can do it by adding a certain thing. You've probably all once heard the joke about one of your friends wetting the bed because their hand was put in a cup of water when they were asleep. I've actually seen House (in the television show House M.D.) do it to Wilson to indicate that I'm not making this up. For those people who are still not convinced, YouTube has a few prank videos which clearly show this phenomena. Has anyone ever tried wetting the bed "on accident" by placing their hand in a cup of water, or in some other way letting their hand be in contact with water throughout the night? I must note that someone once told me the trick doesn't know if the person knows their hand was placed in some water, is there any truth in this saying?

    I'm aware there are other ways of increasing the chance to wet the bed, but I've never yet heard of other ways which always seem to have success. Drinking coffee seems to increase the production, but it doesn't lower the awareness you have to pee, neither does drinking a lot of water. Which inevitably makes me come to the conclusion that drinking things does not increase the chance of wetting the bed when you otherwise never do.

    Other attributes which are sometimes listed as an increase for wetting the bed is being ill, being exhausted, pressing right onto your stomach muscles, or otherwise exhausting your lower abdomen muscles. Can anyone verify these sayings or tell their experiences with it? Because right now I'm quite doubtful of this.

    Any comments to get this discussion going are more than welcome .

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    For the water trick, I believe it has to be warm water, and have your hand put in while you're sleeping...I don't think keeping your hand in water all night will work, and I don't think having your hand in water for that long is good for the skin...Plus you'd probably end up knocking the water over...

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    Also, I have seen other shows that have tried this out and it has not worked. I don't think it has a 100% success rate. And for what is required, I don't think it will work if you do it yourself. Both because you know that it has happened and for the reasons Pojo stated.

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    I don't know about the water trick, but illness can cause bedwetting- been there, done that, unfortunately... And I think that sleeping on your stomach can increase the odds a bit- especially if your bladder gets full during the night. That extra pressure might be enough to make your bladder decide to just let go.

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    I tried that on a buddy of mine, he was drunk sleeping at a bar, I mean passed out, It did not work at all, if it was going to work on anyone it would have worked on my buddy.

    What happened you ask, well we got sick of waiting, and poured the water on his crotch, and he still didn't wake up, as far as I know he still doesn't know.

    PS this was back in the late 70's in my drinking days.

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    Sleeping in a cold room can also increase the chance that a person will wet the bed. However, like the caffeine, if you aren't a bedwetter already, you'll probably just wake up needing to go really badly. The only way to overcome this that I know of is to put yourself in a deeper sleep through alcohol or drugs, but I certainly don't recommend that.

    My friend who is trying to make himself a regular bedwetter (well, with a diaper) say that the way to do it is to, when you wake up midway through the night needing to pee, just let it go without getting up or moving. That may require several nights of trying before you can do it lying down, so sit up if necessary. After several months of this, he claims, your body will get so used to it that it won't wake you up.

    However, if you just want to be a bedwetter once in awhile, I'm not sure if there's any safe way to do that, unfortunately.

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    I'm not sure if there's any safe way to do that, unfortunately.

    put yourself in a deeper sleep through alcohol or drugs, but I certainly don't recommend that.
    Daria is right. Read above.

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    I've heard of this trick before, but I have never tried it before, and have no idea whether or not it works.

    I remember a long time a go a member here (I don't remember who) wanted to do something like this. His plan was to put his hand in a latex glove filled with water, and rubberbanding (or otherwise fastening) the wrist part to prevent leaking. He ended up not trying it (I think) for obvious reasons. He'd more than likely wake up wet, but not in the way he wanted.

    Prolonged immersion of your skin in water is certainly not beneficial, either. I don't think it would do too much damage just overnight, but it wouldn't do any good to your skin.
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    a glove would only last as long as it took you to roll over onto it. splash!
    i have heard of the hand in water trick, and that it does not always work.

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    Weirdly enough, whenever I'm wearing a diaper, and have to go pee somewhat... if I wash my hands thoroughly with warm water, I end up peeing right then and its actually... kinda hard to stop xD

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