When life is hard

And every one is saying Give up

Hope whispers try one more time

Hope says one more time and you will get it

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Love is like a Fire

Warm and wonderful

But it is like a double edge sword

So be carfull and don’t get burned

Love gets you up in the morning

And put you to bed at night

Love starts life

And love ends it

One can love many

But truly love one

Love is for every one

Just look you will find it

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sadness can consume and take almost all

But sadness will never take those who love you

Or those who care sadness dose not last forever

When your sad turn to your friends

For they are your beacon of hope

The light to guide you to happiness

Follow the light and you will once again be happy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once there was a stupid boy,

But a girl loved that stupid boy,

But every day she would hit him,

And try to hurt his feelings,

Because the stupid girl did not know,

How to say "I love you"

Now that stupid girl did this for many years,

The stupid boy loved the stupid girl,

But he did not want to be hurt in the end,

For his mom said love is a double edge sword,

So the boy refused to say "I love you" to the stupid girl,

One day the stupid girl hurt the stupid boy,

The stupid boy became afraid of the stupid girl,

Finally the stupid girl declared she loved the stupid boy,

And the boy declared, "I love you to Alexandra ".

I always have but tell me why have you hurt me all these years?

The stupid girl said "because I don’t understand love"

the boy laughed at this and said" dose any one?"

The next day the stupid girl kissed the stupid boy,

When the stupid boy got home his mother hurt him saying,

"I told you love hurts but you did not listen",

the stupid boy replied" Love dose not hurt"

"You have just forgot how to love", the stupid boys said to his mother

Mother said “you incelolent child" the stupid mother slapped the stupid boy

And grabbed him by the arm making him bleed "I forbid you to see that girl"

That night the stupid boy when to the stupid girls house and said

"May I stay with you tonight?" the stupid girl replied "why"

The boy said "because my mother was beating me"

The stupid girl said then you must have deserved it she is you mother"

The stupid boy looked crestfallen and said "please I love you and you said you loved me"

The stupid girl laughed "I said that so you wouldn’t tell on me you stupid boy"

That moment the stupid boy died on the inside leaving a shell of his former self

He then said "but Alex please"

The girl then said "no Ben please not here my dad will hear you"

That night the stupid boy went home crying

As he walked in his mother said "well"

The boy replied "love is evil and it stabs you where it hurts"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~