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Thread: To have diapers or not to have diapers...that is the question!

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    Default To have diapers or not to have diapers...that is the question!

    If someone invented a pill that could "cure" your desire to wear diapers, act like a baby, child, furry, etc...would you take the pill?

    Note: After taking the pill you would have no memory of ever liking diapers, etc.
    Diapers would appear to you the same way a pen does or a piece of paper.


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    There are definately times in my life that I would have taken that pill in an instant without question or hesitation. There are other times that I wouldn't take it for a milliion dollars. It all depends on what point in the cycle I am in.

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    I'm happy with being a TB, but I'd probably take the pill. I wouldn't have to hide anything any more.

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    On one hand i like being a tb/dl, its something that's calming and comforting, and sometimes pleasurable. Yet on the other hand not having to keep secrets like this and not having the urges to wear would be a bit easyer but i like my tb/dl-ism too much just to give it up at the swallowing of a pill

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    I certainly had times in my life where i went through cycles and really wanted a way out of it, and would have taken the pill. But now that i have accepted it, and tried to keep a middle ground, I think my only worry about it anymore is hoping that whoever my future spouse is will be accepting of it. Outside of that, i am perfectly fine with who i am, and i think that AB/DLism brings certain unique qualities to a person that are very good. I think it has brought me a whole different outlook on life, along with that, has become a symbol of me. So the answer now, of course there are some challenges that i have yet to get over being an AB, but i wouldn't take the pill, because it would destroy who i am inside.

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    Very interesting topic!

    Personally I would never take it. Diapers bring me a level of comfort that I feel I need since I’m extremely stressed out with work and school. Being an AB and wearing diapers reminds of a simplier time and it calms me down.

    It’s kind of like a stress relief.

    Acting like a baby/child is also fun for me and really relieving. Also this whole thing has brought me closer to my boyfriend. Without this, we would be dating still (I’m sure) but we wouldn’t be anywhere near as close as we are.

    So being an AB and wearing diapers is something that’s gotten really dear to my heart and I adore it. So nothing would make me want to “cure” myself of something I believe is very wonderful.

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    I would not take the pill, I love my furry side and my DL side does not effect my everyday life to the point of me wanting it gone.

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    Diapers are a convenience for me and I like 'em a lot too! They prevent me from having to go downstairs in my apartment to use the bathroom.
    I get my artwork done faster with 'em than without 'em :P
    So no, no pills!

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    Not a chance.

    All too often, society seems to be in such a hurry to fix things that don't 'fit' in the grand scheme of things. This concept really strikes me as beyond odd since what is deemed to be acceptable is a constantly shifting parameter. What was once okay a hundred years ago, no longer is and visa versa.

    The way I see it, we all have our quirks. It really is just part and parcel to being a living, breathing arrangement of molecules. There will always be small eccentricities, which some rush to term as 'flaws', that serve to distinguish one person from another.

    Ours happens to be the desire to regress and reconnect with a simpler, more innocent time in our gathered existence. Honestly, what is the harm in that? As long as someone isn't stepping on someone else's toes, it should remain a purely individualistic matter.

    For me to take that capsule would be tantamount to waving a white flag. I would in essence be resigning myself to how society views my own private habits, substituting in their collective mindset (if such a thing could ever exist) in place of my own.

    Now, I'm not going to fault anyone for desiring a cure. Taking such a pill would make life a whole lot easier. You could finally move on and lead a less 'quirky' life.

    But then what? That's it? Life will suddenly be perfect? I have a million thoughts and feelings completely unrelated to the littlefur within that society would undoubtedly perfer to disallow me. So, the question becomes: where does it end? How much do I have to trim away until I'm 'okay'?

    The abnormalities I carry, with respect to the 'norm', don't end with ABDLBFism; rather, it begins with it. My fursona balances me out and allows me to deal with society. It is the guardian of my soul and all the other anomalies which many would deem unnecessary.

    I know the question is innocent and absolutely should be posed. However, my reaction is to remind myself of how the best things in life often aren't easy to come by. Living with this side of me has been a life-long trial and will be until my dying day. Yet, it has sculpted me into a better person. If I had taken that pill ten years ago, would I have the inner strength and determination I now possess? Would any of us?

    I suppose that's a whole other discussion. ^_^

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