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Thread: Y'all probably already know me (well, old people)

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    Default Y'all probably already know me (well, old people)

    I have been a member on adisc since 2008 under an old username. Old time IRC users will know me as Munch_the_kitten, or Munchables.

    Lets see, I'm 21, trans (M2F) Live in Chicago, been out as an AB (started as TB) since the age of 14.

    Effectively I joined because I want to log into IRC for the first time in about a year, and just saw that the blitzed server is down (wondered why it was invite only). so random posts it is, followed by 3 years of never posting again.

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    nice to have you back, so what are your non ab hobbies and interetst?

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    Cars, Computers, Cooking, Skating.

    Pcbaby you don't have to be an admin on another AB site... do you?

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    nope, not at all, love computers and cooking, I used to skate as a kid and cars, are those things that need oil, water diesel and air and that's it

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    I love computer too =) what do you like the most about being an ab?

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    Sorry, but you're going to have to get your old account sorted out before we can continue with the reunion. Hope you can do so soon.

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    Welcome Munchkitten. I don't think I know you. Other than the ADISC IRC channels it's been years since I've ever used IRC. The only other AB/Dl webpage I've ever been on is the site. If you are from there I MIGHT know you, but then again, It's been a while since I've been over there. ADISC seems like a much better in many ways.

    Welcome back,,or aboard, lol

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    Looks like you got your account cleared up. Everyone had to create a new password and I know some people wound up with double accounts in the mix up. Glad you're back and restored.

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