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    My mom and step dad are fighting again idk why this time (well, kidna, but it's hard to explain as there is back stories galore). idk whyk, but the worst always runs through my mind. We have a bunch of guns in the house, so that's one thing. another thing is he commits suicide. another thing is they get divorced, and so on so forth. :/ just sharing

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    Aww. I am so sorry to hear that. That really sucks.

    I don't know the situation completely, and i won't begin to try to tell you i know what you're going through. But something you may try, is to approach them at a time when they are calm and calmly tell them that the fighting has been scaring you. Tell them what you told us, that you are worried about what 'could' happen. At worst... they will continue to fight and tell you to not worry about it. At Best... it could make them think about whether or not the fights are all that important, and maybe even lead to less fighting.

    I don't know your mom and step-dad and i am not a psychic, so i can't tell you if it will help. Only you can make a reasonable guess at that. But i do wish for your peace of mind and your whole family's safety. Good luck and hang in there.

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    That's terrible.

    I can't begin to understand how difficult this must be for you.

    Try to stay strong!

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    that blows in a major way,try to not overthink it,its easy to get cought up in the what ifs,but in the semi wise words of 311,paranoia is a mental state that takes strength to avoid. who are you closer to? i dont know the dynamics but when my parents went at is i sided with my mom.mostly because there was a constant power strugle with my dad. you are powerless over there actions but when the dust settles try to talk to them 1on1 if you think itd help.

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    Too bad you can't leave the house and stay with a friend.

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    If they fight again, go for a walk and/or listen to some music. This will help you relax a bit while getting away from the fighting.

    Do what ABalex said when your mom and step dad have calmed down. They should know that these constant arguments are making you uncomfortable. It is unfair that they are exposing you to their personal problems.

    I really hope things get better for you soon.

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