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Thread: Living in the past

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    Default Living in the past

    If you were given the opportunity to live in the Past, what ages you choose?

    Living during the prehistory, during the middle ages, In 0 BC, During the French Revolution, or something else?

    I would like to live during The dark ages, around the year 1000, living in a castle, being a knight.....

    What about you?

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    I would live during the Renaissance, because you cant beat art from over a hundred years ago. And target, being a knight was a bitch, with all the death, and heavy armor, not to mention the plagues.

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    Although living back in the Manji era sounds nice I would much rather go back to the 1990s that was a fun time for me and I crave to have that again.

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    If I could go back to the late 40's and early 50's, and life would stay that way, I would do it in a second.

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    uhmm 80's because i love new wave music from that time its the best ^^
    also who doesnt like neon colors?

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    For me I would rather live in the now because the future is looking grim and the past has never been that great. But for me I would probably go back to the 70's maybe late 60's

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    The Victorian Era of course!

    Or the late 1700's, as an able deckhand on a ship sailing for the South Pacific.

    Or the American prohibition period; the 20's. I'd be a gangster running a speackeasy and making moonshine.

    Failing all that, I'd go to before the West was won, as a cowboy and outlaw.

    Oh yeah.

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    I've thought about it. I have absolutely no desire to go back at all. In fact - I'd rather live in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
    The Victorian Era of course!
    YES!!! I love the architecture and styles of the Victorian Era. I also enjoy watching older movies set back at that time like "Gas Light" starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. They had some pretty ornate wicker prams back then, too! :wink:


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    As Mandi said, going to the future would be nice...But if I had to go back, it would probably be to the 60's-80's...Somewhere in that range...As much as I like to learn about the 40's, and WWII and all that, I don't think I would like to live in that time

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