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Thread: insecurty feeling of others thinking your diapered

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    Default insecurty feeling of others thinking your diapered

    This is something that's really been bugging me lately. I've been caught by my mom and my aunt before so they both know I have diapers floating around. Not sure if they know what exactly I have them for or what ideas they have of me liking them... but anyways to my point...

    Sometimes I feel like they eye me up to see if I'm wearing a diaper. Like if I'm laying on the couch or something and my waist line is showing. Now obviously I'm not diapered but its just the fact that I have that insecure feeling like they are checking.

    Anyone else have this problem or get the same weird feeling?

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    I think I may have once upon a time, although no one really found out about my wearing until I met my wife. My mom did find a collection of diaper ads and such which I had stashed away in my closet when I was in middle/high school. It was a very terrifying experience and I always had a sneaking suspicion that she was always watching me to see if I was wearing. It was never spoken of again, but to this day, I worry that she kept some of the clipping to blackmail me with should she need to at a later date.

    The way I got over it? I moved away to college. I will say that you might be in a better situation since it appears that although you have family members that know, they seem to be pretty accepting of you. All you can really do is ignore them and not put yourself in situations where you might get caught. Soon or later, they'll lose interest and the matter will slip their mind altogether.

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    I've been caught MULTIPLE times! But lately I've been getting good at disposing discreetly, wearing around others, and just sneaking around in general.

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    Maybe pull your underwear up a bit so that it's obvious what's under your pants! I dunno... never had that feeling myself, but then I was never caught actually wearing. On the other hand, I have *almost* been caught wearing on a few occasions. On those occasions, it wasn't just a creepy feeling, rather it was a feeling that my heart might explode!


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    I've never been caught by anyone, but I always have that feeling. It happens most around my mom, I always just feel like she knows somehow even though there is usually no way should could know that I am.

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    That same feeling keeps me in binge mode. I like my roommates but I get paranoid about being a dl around my roommates.

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    These thoughts can consume you. Trust me I've been bought by parents n an old gf .. I always used to freak my self out thinking my rents thought about it and were looking to catch me wearing or wondering of my exgirlfriend told my friends. I used freak out anyone made a joke about old people n diapers etc. The truth here is they most likely don't know and if they have caught you they most likely don't want to think about it .. you just need to fully accept your ab/dl side and the worry will fade away. It's easier said then done n took me years n the help of my wonderful current gf who accepts me for who I am .

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    I always get paranoid, I suppose it is part of the 'fun'? - Adrenaline and all -, can't say I've ever been caught whilst wearing. I'm very careful; I sometimes keep my shirt tucked into my jogging bottoms/pj's, sure it looks stupid but I'd rather look stupid than be exposed on the waist line.

    I also get paranoid when my mum makes comments such as; "oh your such a baby!" (in a patronizing voice, ya know?), "I bet you wish you were a kid again" (because I keep complaining growing up sucks, as does college). Now, my mum doesn't know about my TB/DL side (to my knowledge anyway), so the paranoia is probably misplaced. Still, it worries me.

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    After she first found out I was (then) TB I could have sworn my Mum did the same thing quite a bit. Sometimes she even asked me outright if I was wearing a nappy!

    I think it's only natural for a parent to check if their child is wearing after they find out their TB. There's two bits of good news you could take away from this though;
    1. They haven't tried to stop you wearing nappies
    2. They care enough about your well being to keep an eye on your nappies (or lack there of)

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    Or if your exposing your waste line, they're probably just checking you out. It sounds weird, but if there's something to look at down there, its going to be looked at. My eyes can be easily caught gravitating towards someone's waste line if there is something exposed in the area. Its not always attractive, its just an eyesore and its sometimes hard to avoid that.

    I suggest wearing longer or larger shirts, wear matching colors - as in match your shirt with your pants, and wear flashy shoes. Make your clothes plain and bland if you don't want to be noticed that way. Make your shoes something to look at so their eyes go more quickly from your face to your feet, their eyes will inevitably skip your waste line if your pants and shirt match in a bland way.

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