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    Hi, i new in the forum (and in the ab world =P)
    i want to know what would you do in mi situation.
    i found that i liked to be an ab like 2 weeks ago, ok, maybe havent found it, someone added me on facebook, she was a caretaker ( i dont know how he found me), she started to talk my about bein an ab, and i give it a try (in chat). I dont know how i started to like it ( i thin you know what i mean), i fact at the beggining i feel like afreak...
    She never connected again, but i found another mommy (in facebook too), shes so sweet, she makes me feel better, she tell me to add his husband (mydaddy), she gave me a name ,etc. =) im so happy with her, but sometimes i think she and dad are the same person... and im traveling to houston in december , shes in michigan so probably we could meet.
    But i dont know if shes real, if shes hnest with me, what should i do?

    Sorry, but my enlish its not very good

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    I would take it very slow. Traveling to another country is often risky enough, especially if you don't know your way around. To then completely entrust yourself to another person whom you met over the internet...that's a huge chance you're taking. I don't want to tell you 'no', but you really shouldn't just stroll into this nonchalantly.

    If you just met as recently as it sounds like you have, I would say you shouldn't go home with her. Meeting up in a neutral place, like a restaurant or coffee shop, would probably be okay. Beyond this, though, it really leaves you vulnerable with few avenues of escape should you need to get out of a bad situation.

    Please be careful and I hope you enjoy your time in the states! ^_^

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    Ty, im not going to usa for her, im going to study =) i wasnt thinking in go directly to home with her, but youre right, i dont know her that much to go there... ill go in december so i have plenty time, but howcan i know if i can trust her?

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    With the anonymity the internet provides, there really is no sure way. All you can do is keep in close correspondence with her and stay alert for any measure of shadiness. If you start to pick up on something that seems inconsistent or out of sync, trust your instincts and bail. It's not worth going into something you're unsure about where the consequences will always outweigh the benefits.

    Meeting her (or both of them) will likely be the surest way of judging who you're dealing with. I just met up with another LF whom I had been conversing with for months. However, the meeting was just to meet and see who we were in real life before diving head-long into a full-on cub session at a later point.

    If you want to pursue it, meet up in a safe locale. It will give you the best idea of how genuine she is and you'll also have the benefit of having your 'sixth sense' up and running. Seeing someone face-to-face always makes it easier to judge if someone should be trusted.

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    Thank you, yore right, it must the best way =) i hope i can trust her =)

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    No problem. ^_^ I hope you can too. Time with a loving caretaker is beyond special!

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