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Thread: Ok, you got me.

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    Default Ok, you got me.

    Ok. Fine. You win. I give up. I'll join you.

    I can't help it, you guys are just so ADORABLE!

    I'm just havin some trouble picking a fursona, I'm kinda torn between a fox, a wolf, and a rabbit, or any combination of the 3. Any advice on how to choose?

    Oh, and where can I go to have my fursona drawn?

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    Bwahahaha. Excellent. It's all going according to plan.

    Well, glad to have you in the group. As for picking a fursona, it's completely up to you. You can pick and choose and combine however you desire. I chose a fox because it sort of came to me in this dream. I was a kit, tromping through the woods, trying to get home. Then, a few days after that, in real life, I came upon a fox snooping around my apartment complex! It was just after a big snowfall, so he was pretty easy to spot. I was blown away because I had never seen one so far into the city. We locked eyes for what seemed like forever and then he trotted off into the snowbank. I guess, I didn't choose my fursona; it sort of chose me ^_^

    As for getting one drawn, I would look around on Fur Affinity. Sign up for an account and see which furry artists have open slots. I recommend Reva, Tavi, or Kalida. However, these are probably the top three artists at the moment and to get an open spot, when they do open them up, you have to be FAST about getting one. Not to worry, though, as there are SOOOOO many other, very competent furry artists out there. Just have a look and if you have a question, contact them. Expect to drop around $20-$35 for a standard commission.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your stay on the furry side!

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    You can probably get a commission for less than $20 if you look around. Some artists just don't charge quite so much.

    Be careful to describe the details of what you want accurately and clearly. One thing I commissioned before didn't turn out quite as expected (though I do like it anyway). I didn't know if it would be too rude to say something because maybe my description wasn't accurate enough, which would be my fault. I could see how it might have been confusing. It's a cute commission anyway, despite not being what I expected. Others liked it too. And it is also a good thing I commissioned something else from the same person, which turned out to be pretty much perfect!

    You can leave some of the details up to the artist if you want, like clothing and pose, but be sure to specify the important things.

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    One more towards our goal ^_^ Soon we'll be able to devote our Satellites to somethin else ^_^

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    Yes, our plan for world domination is right on schedule, we will rule the world in no time. >

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    haha soon everyone will be ruled by foxes, wolves, cats ect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanch0 View Post
    Yes, our plan for world domination is right on schedule, we will rule the world in no time. >
    True. We will conquer the world by simple being adorable.

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    *chants* one of us, one of us, one of us! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....................I mean, Welcome

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    dam it it were evil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagon View Post
    True. We will conquer the world by simple being adorable.
    How will we do it?
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    Yeah, that's how.

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