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Thread: Pull-up or diaper.

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    Post Pull-up or diaper.

    For us that have Incontinence do you find you can use a pull-up or feel the need to wear a diaper all day or reusable underwear and a pair of plastic pants. What has worked the best for you to not have leaks......

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    For me its totally down to the activity I'm doing. Normally, I'm in a full diaper 24/7 due to the severity of my incontinence and the fact that I need a product that can cope with large volumes of waste for extended periods of time.
    Ironically however, at the same time I do alot of dancing (ballet/tap/jazz)- I tend to wear Drynites under my dancewear with regular shorts on top. Luckily, I'm rather skinny so the 8-15 version fit perfectly and also can cope for a short period of time with my incontinence- the fact that I can remove them easily, they fit well and they're discreet are the reasons why I use them in this context.

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    There are several different kinds of incontinence and the amount expelled. It's pretty much depending on the person's need as to which works best for them. Pullups are mostly for 'light use' while briefs (taped diapers) are for heavier wetting. Also there are other factors such as thickness for the person's lifestyle. Some ppl who are heavier wetters would use thinner diapers but change more often because thicker diapers aren't discreet enough for them. It's all 'relative' to the individual needs.

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    That is very true what I wear does depends on the day and where I am going. During the day I can wear a pair of reusable underwear under a pair of plastic pants but at night I need a brief. I guess I wanted to know being new to wearing 24/7 if I was alone in the needing so many levels of protection.

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    I got a sample of the tena pull-ups and went back to good old tape diapers and cloth.I guess you can't teach an
    old dog new tricks LOL

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    I prefer tape on diaper, but often I can only get my hands on pullups. They work ok, but not as good as diapers

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    I use a nappy most of the time, unless im out clubbing, then ill go with a pad (nappies and a skirt isnt a good look)

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    I don't like pull ups - and as a man think they are another example of thisngs being primarily engineered for females - perhaps they work better for them -and although sold as unisex it might mean something that they are usually found (in my town) in the "feminine hygiene" avenue of the store.

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    I prefer the taped nappies (tena slip medium/maxi) U.K with pull up terry toweling over that and with Gary/euroflex poly pants over those for over night. I do sometimes wear pull up terry toweling pants and P. Pants during the day, or just the tena slip if I need to go on a long drive (over an hour) or I am less confident about my bladder.

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